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NCERT Class 12 English – My Mother at Sixty Six Short and Very Short Questions And Answers Download here: Get the solution of the Questions from the My Mother at Sixty Six Chapter for your upcoming exam..

My Mother at Sixty Six short and very short question answer

Very Short Question Answer

(1) Which day is mentioned in the poem ?

Answer : Friday is mentioned in the poem.

(2) Where is the poetess going from her home?

Answer : The poetess going from her home in Cochin airport.

(3) What is the main idea of the poem?

Answer : Painful old age is the main idea of the poem.

(4) According to the paragraph, what is an inescapable phase of life?

Answer : According to the paragraph old age is an inescapable phase of life.

(5) Who were sprinting out of window ?

Answer : Young trees were sprinting out of window.

(6) What was poet’s childhood fear?

Answer : Her separation from her mother forever was poet’s childhood fear.

(7) What is the universality of the theme of the poem?

Answer : Death is a truth is the universality of the theme of the poem.

(8) What was the expression on the narrator’s face?

Answer : The expression on the narrator’s face was smiling face.

Short Question Answer

(1) How did Kamala Das put away the thought of her mother’s old age?

Answer : The poet glanced out the window, hoping to alleviate her pain and anguish caused by her elderly mother’s condition. As she peered outside, she beheld a vibrant world teeming with life and energy. She watched as youthful trees dashed by and jovial children burst out of their houses to play.

(2) Why has the mother been compared to ‘late winter’s moon’?

Answer : The mother is likened to the late winter’s moon, characterized by its dimness and obscurity, symbolizing the fading of life. The moon evokes thoughts of nighttime or the impending conclusion of life for the narrator.

(3) What did she see when she looked out of the car?

Answer : Peering out of the car window, she observed young trees lining the roadside, seeming to glide past in motion. Additionally, she spotted a gathering of children joyfully streaming out of their houses to engage in play.

(4) Why does the poet look away from her thoughts?

Answer : The poet sought to dispel her mother’s worries about her impending death and her own inability to be present during her mother’s frail health. To find solace, she gazed outside at the trees and children, symbols of life, hope, and vitality.

(5) Why are the young trees described as ‘sprinting’?

Answer : As the poet travels in a swiftly moving car, the young trees seem to “sprint” past her, racing by in the opposite direction. This rapid motion of objects outside is typical when traveling at high speeds. The lively, racing trees stand in sharp contrast to the passive figure of the elderly lady seated within the car.

(6) The poet feels very sad to bid farewell to her mother Why?

Answer : With a heavy heart, the poet acknowledges the stark reality that her mother’s condition is so dire that she seems to be nearing death’s door. She experiences a profound sense of guilt as she contemplates saying goodbye to her mother in such a critical moment.

(7) What kind of pain does Kamala Das feel in ‘My Mother at Sixty Six’?

Answer : Kamala Das experiences the pain of being separated from her mother due to death, a feeling that she had also endured during her childhood.

(8) Why did the poet smile and smile?

Answer : The poet smiled solely to conceal her fears from her mother, reassuring both herself and her mother that they would reunite again.

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