Keeping Quiet Short Question Answer; Class 12 NCERT English Solution

Keeping Quiet Short and Very Short (MCQ) Question and Answer – NCERT Class 12 English Book Flamingo Short and Very Short Solution Download PDF

Keeping Quiet Short and very short questions answers

Very Short Question Answer

(1) What is the original language of the poem ?

Answer : Spanish is the original language of the poem.

(2) What is poet’s appeal to fishermen?

Answer : poet’s appeal to fishermen is not to hunt whales.

(3) Where would they be walking?

Answer : They would be walking In Shade.

(4) According to the poem, what is the essence of life?

Answer : According to the poem activity is the essence of life.

(5) What does the poem Keeping Quiet teach us?

Answer : The poem Keeping Quiet teach us To be peaceful,thoughtful and have feelings of brotherhood.

(6) What does the earth teach us ?

Answer : The earth teach us we must be hopeful about life.

(7) What kind of activity does the poet desire to interrupt for a brief moment?

Answer : Violent, cruel, and sad activities does the poet desire to interrupt for a brief moment.

(8) What does the poet want us to do for one second ?

Answer : The poet want us to do for one second not to utter in any language.

Short Question Answer

(1) Which sadness is Pablo Neruda worried about in his poem?

Answer : Pablo Neruda’s poem reflects his concern about the sorrow of isolation plaguing modern individuals, who have become victims of its effects. This sense of isolation has led humanity to become self-centered and indifferent to the needs of others, prioritizing materialism over emotional fulfillment.

(2) Why does he advocate silence?

Answer : He champions silence because he believes that it is during those fleeting moments of quietude and stillness that individuals can reflect on their harmful actions and strive to cultivate harmony and brotherhood in the world.

(3) How would keeping quiet affect life in and around the sea?

Answer : Keeping quiet will avoid harming sea life and give the person collecting salt a chance to tend to their injured hands. This action will help maintain ecological balance and allow everyone time for introspection.

(4) Why does the poet feel that we should not be so single-minded?

Answer : People tend to be focused and stubborn, often fixating on a single goal and relentlessly pursuing it in their lives. The poet desires that they were not so consumed by constant activity, but rather took time for rest and tranquility. They, too, deserve moments of peace and quiet.

(5) What is the exotic moment the poet Pablo Neruda wishes for?

Answer : Pablo Neruda yearns for the elusive moment when humanity will be liberated from greed, cruelty, and destructive behavior. The poet laments the discomfort and turmoil brought about by unnecessary haste and noise. Neruda envisions a world where the clamor of engines and machines subsides, replaced by a serene atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

(6) How can suspension of activities help?

Answer : The poet thinks that if people pause their activities, they can reflect inwardly, potentially finding solutions to problems related to caste, religion, and nationality.

(7) What can be the consequence of the war in our lives?

Answer : The poet observes that wars result in death and destruction, leaving no survivors and thus no victors. This ironic predicament could be prevented if individuals take action and commit to abstaining from warfare.

(8) According to the poet, how would we feel at that moment? 

Answer : We would feel quite unusual in that moment, as everyone would experience a sense of unity with their fellow humans. It would be an entirely new sensation.

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