Little Birdie Solution | UP Board Class 7 Chapter 5 Question Answer

Little Birdie Question Answer – Little Birdie poem is in Class 7th Lesson 5 of UP Board English Text Book Rainbow. You can download the solution of the exercise questions from this page. If you have any questions regarding the Answers of the Little Birdie Poem, then comment below.

Little Birdie poem questions and answers download

Comprehension Questions

Question 1.

Answer the following questions:

(1) What does the little birdie say to her mother?

Answer : The little birdie requests her mother’s permission to soar away.

(2) What does mother tell the little birdie to do?

Answer : Mother advises the little birdie to rest a little while more.

(3) Why does little birdie rest for some time?

Answer : The little birdie rests for a while, allowing its wings to strengthen before taking flight.

(4) What does mother ask the little baby to do?

Answer : The mother encourages the little baby to slumber a bit more in her embrace.

(5) What will happen if the little baby sleeps a little longer?

Answer : If the baby sleeps a little longer, her limbs will grow stronger.

Word Power Solution

Question 1.

Give the rhyming words for each of the following word:

(1) fly

Answer : Sky.

(2) nest

Answer : Best.

(3) rise

Answer : Lies.

(4) peep

Answer : Keep.

(5) longer

Answer : Wronger.

Question 2.

Match the words in column ‘A’ with their meanings in column ‘B’ to know some new words and their expressions:

Answer :

a.bird batha vessel with water for birds to bathe in
b.bird strikea clash between a bird and an aircraft
c.bird’s-eye-viewa good view to something from a high position
d.bird of preya bird that hunts and eats other animals

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