Mr Garbage and Mrs Polythene Question Answer | UP Board Class 7 Lesson 4 Solution

Mr. Garbage and Mrs. Polythene is in Chapter 4 of the Uttar Pradesh State Education Board Class 7 English Text Book. Find the Exercise Question Answer and solutions of the Comprehension, Word Power and Language practice question answers below.

Comprehension Question Solution

Question 1.

Answer the following questions:

(1) List the items you throw in the dustbin as garbage.

Answer : We dispose of vegetable peels, broken items, torn clothes, used papers, wrappers, etc., in the dustbin as garbage.

(2) What are the items generally thrown as garbage which can be reused or recycled?

Answer : metal items, bags,Unused papers, clothes, toys, etc.

(3) How does garbage get mixed with soil and become useful for us?

Answer : When garbage is disposed of in a pit and covered with soil, it integrates with the soil, ultimately converting into beneficial manure. This nutrient-rich manure is then employed to cultivate bountiful crops for our sustenance.

(4) What happens to the animals when they swallow polythene bags?

Answer : Animals risk choking and dying when they ingest polythene bags.

(5) How is polythene dangerous for us?

Answer : Polythene is detrimental to the environment as it does not biodegrade like regular waste, persisting in the soil indefinitely and causing widespread pollution.

Question 2.

Choose the correct option to complete the following sentences:

(1) The garbage should be thrown _____________.

(a) in dustbins

(b) here and there

(c) in the classroom

Answer : (a) in dustbins.

(2) Garbage is made of _________________.

(a) useful things

(b) useless things

(c) fresh things

Answer : (b) useless things.

(3) We should not use polythene because it ___________________.

(a) is a useless thing

(b) looks very pretty

(c) cannot be destroyed

Answer : (c) cannot be destroyed.

Word Power Question Answer

Question 1.

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words given in the box:

moulded, manure, heap, swallow

(1) I tried to ____________ the tablet with water.

Answer : I tried to swallow the tablet with water.

(2) Farmers add ______________ to the soil.

Answer : Farmers add manure to the soil.

(3) The potter ____________ the clay into a pot.

Answer : The potter moulded the clay into a pot.

(4) A __________ of newspapers is lying on the table.

Answer : A heap of newspapers is lying on the table.

Question 2.

Some items are given in the box. Separate them into biodegradable (which get mixed with the soil) and non-biodegradable (which do not get mixed with the soil) items.

paper, metal-plate, vegetable-peels, plastic-cups, woolen-clothes, glass, wooden-box, polythene, battery, cotton-clothes

Answer :

Biodegradable ItemsNon-biodegradable Items

Question 3.

Match the masculine gender given in column ‘A’ with its feminine gender given in column ‘B’:

Answer :

horse mare

Language Practice Solution

Question 1.

Make questions beginning with ‘how’, using the following table:

wideisthe road
longisthe river
farisyour home from the school
The temple from here

Answer :

How wide is the road?

How wide is the river?

How long is the road?

How long is the river?

How far is your home from the school?

How far is the temple from here?

How tall is Anu?

How old is Anu?

How tall are you?

How old are you?

How tall are they?

How old are they?

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