Macbeth Question Answer | Class 11 English Solution

Macbeth (Class 11) Questions Answers – West Bengal Board Class 11 English Book Solution. WB Board Class 11 English Macbeth MCQ, SAQ, LAQ Questions & Answers are provided in the article here. You can download the question and answer in PDF format.


1) Lady Macbeth accused Macbeth of 

Answer : Cowardice and fickleness .

2) Who discovers the Duncan’s murder first ?

Answer : Macduff .

3) The man who was also a close relative of king Duncan was –

Answer : Macbeth .

4) The third spirit arise to respond Macbeth’s call in a form of –

Answer : A crowned child .

5) What does king Duncan name his son Malcolm ?

Answer : The prince of Cumberland .

Descriptive Type Questions :

1) What was the mystery behind the moving of Birnam woods?

Answer : Malcolm’s plan included the strange spectacle of the Birnam forests appearing to be in motion. As it happened, the woods didn’t move. Malcolm ordered the soldiers to chop branches and bring them in front of him as they neared Macbeth’s castle in order to hide the real number of soldiers. The soldiers with their branches making the woods appear to be moving from a distance. Macbeth lost confidence as a result of this delusion, which was similar to the witches’ prophecy.

2) Describe in detail Macbeth’s experience when he goes to kill Duncan?

Answer : As Macbeth prepares to murder Duncan, he undergoes some of the most wretched moments of his life. He experiences hallucinations and witnesses an apparition of a bloody dagger suspended in the air. When he attempts to grasp it, the dagger dissolves into thin air. Subsequently, while carrying out the deed, one of the guards awakens and cries out “murder,” causing both guards to rouse. They pray together, uttering “amen.” However, Macbeth finds himself unable to vocalize the word “amen.” He hears someone, possibly due to his disturbed state, proclaiming that Macbeth has murdered sleep, and consequently, he shall never rest peacefully again. Struggling with these haunting visions, Macbeth returns to his wife.

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