Jimmy Valentine Question Answer | Class 11 English Solution

WB Board Class 11 English Text Book Jimmy Valentine by O. Henry Question Answer Solution – Jimmy Valentine Story MCQ, SAQ, LAQ Download PDF. Jimmy Valentine Class 11 Multiple Choice, Short & Long Questions & Answers from Text Book are given here. These questions & answers have been prepared by our experienced teachers. You can solve the questions for your upcoming test.

class 11 jimmy valentine solution download questions mcq, laq, saq type

MCQ Question Answer

1) Jimmy Valentine was sentenced jail for 

Answer : Four years .

2) How are people of Elmore

Answer : Sociable .

3) Jimmy Valentine was in prison for nearly

Answer : Ten months .

4) Where did jimmy hide the bag

Answer : Roof .

5) The number Jimmy got in the jail was

Answer : 9726 .

Short Answer Type Questions:

1) What did Jimmy’s suitcase contain?

Answer : Jimmy’s suitcase held a comprehensive array of burglar’s tools, including drills, punches, braces, bits, jimmies, clamps, and more.

2) What did the warden say to Jimmy about safe breaking?

Answer : The warden advised Jimmy to refrain from breaking into safes and urged him to live an honest life. Additionally, he remarked that Jimmy was inherently a good person.

3) How was nature when Jimmy Valentine came out of the jail?

Answer : As Jimmy Valentine emerged from jail, birds chirped, a gentle breeze rustled through the swaying green trees, and the air was filled with the fragrance of flowers.

4) Who was Mike Dolan ?

Answer : Mike Dolan was among Jimmy Valentine’s trusted companions.

5) Who gave the information about Miss Annabel Adams?

Answer : A boy lounging on the steps of the Elmore Bank provided the information about Miss Annabel Adams.


1) “He opened this and gazed fondly.” – What was opened? What did the person gaze fondly at? Why did he gaze at it fondly?

Answer: Jimmy’s suitcase was opened.

Jimmy affectionately admired the finest collection of burglar’s tools, encompassing the latest designs of drills, punches, braces, bits, jimmies, clamps, augers, and more.

The burglar’s tools held great significance for him, crafted from tempered steel with a value exceeding nine hundred dollars. He took pride in their quality. After a ten-month separation from the suitcase, he felt fortunate to reunite with his tools. Thus, he gazed fondly at his cherished possessions.

2) State in brief the character of Jimmy valentine.

Answer: The protagonist in O. Henry’s short story is Jimmy Valentine. He is a lone, skilled, and notorious burglar. He mixes with society’s elites with ease, even though he works as a criminal. He holds himself to a high level and is a connoisseur of exquisite dining and clothing. Jimmy is a perceptive situational who exhibits dexterity, grace, and ingenuity. His crimes are carried out with great care, leaving little trace. He is able to gain the affection of Mr. Adams, the banker, and his daughter Annabel, leading to his eventual love of Annabel. His extraordinary humanity is demonstrated by his unselfish act of saving a child out of love, which makes him likable to others.

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