Leela’s Friend Question Answer | Class 11 English Solution

Leela’s Friend by R. K. Narayan Question & Answer, Extra Questions Solution – WB Board Class 11 English Question Answer. West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education (WBCHSE) Class 11 English Text Book Story Leela’s Friend Questions Answers for 1 Mark, 2 Marks, 5 Marks can be downloaded in PDF format.

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Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with Answers

1) According to Sidda , the doctor lived near 

Answer : The Doctor lived near the market.

2) Sidda knows

Answer : The moon.

3) Sidda told Leela stories sitting

Answer : On the floor near her bed .

4) Leela’s friend was

Answer : Sidda .

5) “Leela’s Friend” Story is written by

Answer : R.K. Narayan.

Short Answer Type Questions (SAQ)

1) What kind of job did Sidda do in Mr. Sivasanker’s house ? 

Answer : Sidda helped at Mr. Sivasanker’s house, doing tasks like cleaning, cooking, and organizing household activities.

2) What was Leela’s box filled with?

Answer : According to the story, Leela’s box was filled with illustrated books, catalogues and stumps of pencil.

3) What did Leela’s mother notice when they returned buying sugar ?

Answer : Leela’s mother noticed the missing gold chain when they returned home after buying sugar.

4) Why is Sidda gone according to Leela ?

Answer : Sidda is gone, according to Leela, because he took the blame for her lost gold chain.

5) What kind of story did Sidda tell Leela to let her sleep after dinner ? 

Answer : Sidda told Leela a soothing bedtime story about a princess and a magical garden, ensuring peaceful sleep.

6) When did Sidda touch the moon?

Answer : Every time there was a big moon, Sidda touched it.

7) Who brought Sidda into the house of Mr Sivasanker?

Answer : Sidda was taken into Mr. Sivasanker’s home by a police inspector and a constable.

Long Answer Type Questions (LAQ) with Answer:

1) How did Leela try to make Sidda write? What was the result?


Every evening, Leela conducted mock classes for Sidda, using catalogues and pencils for writing exercises. Despite her compassionate efforts to teach him, Sidda struggled to replicate her entries, leading to frustration on both sides. Ultimately, their lessons ended abruptly each day, with Leela’s attention diverted elsewhere.

2) ” Sidda , come and play ! ” Who is the speaker ? What would Sidda do when he heard this call ? What kind of games did the speaker play ?


Leela is the Speaker of this line.

Upon hearing the call, Sidda would likely respond with enthusiasm, leaving his current activity to join the speaker in playing and enjoying the moment.

Leela played a variety of games with Sidda, engaging in activities like hide and seek, tag, and perhaps other outdoor or imaginative games. The games were likely simple and enjoyable, fostering a sense of camaraderie and joy. The speaker’s invitation reflected a desire for shared moments of fun and recreation, creating a bond through the shared experience of playing together.

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