The Riddle Question Answer – Class 7 English Chapter 2 Solution

WB Board Class 7 English Text Book Chapter 2 The Riddle Activity Solution – West Bengal Board Class 7 English Lesson 2 The Riddle Solution and Question Answer from the Chapter 2 is provided in this page. You can find the solution of the question for your exams.

The Riddle - Class 7 English - Chapter 2 Solution

Activity 1 Solution

Choose the correct answers from the given alternatives:

(a) Emperor Akbar was walking

(i) in his palace

(ii) in the royal garden

(iii) in the house of Birbal .

Answer: (ii) in the royal garden

(b) Birbal was Akbar’s

(i) most trusted and faithful minister

(ii) greedy and unfaithful minister

(iii) rival

Answer: (i) most trusted and faithful minister

(c) The emperor was

(i) happy

(ii) clam

(iii) worried

Answer: (iii) worried

(d) The fast things on earth is

(i) the human mind

(ii) bullock cart

(iii) horse

Answer: (i) the human mind

(e) The neighbor was outwitted by

(i) Akbar

(ii) Birbal

(iii) the neighbors friend

Answer: (ii) Birbal

Activity 2 Solution

Identity which of the following statements are true and which are false. Give a supporting statements for each of your answers.

(a) Emperor Akbar was very worried when was he was roaming his garden.

Answer: T

Supporting Statement : Since he was unable to solve a riddle, he couldn’t find the answer.

(b) There were no flowers and fruits in the garden of Akbar.

Answer: F

Supporting Statement : “The perimeter of his garden was adorned with trees bearing the most delicious and succulent fruits in the ancient realm. Within each garden bloomed flowers of various shapes and sizes.”

(c) Birbal was indifferent to Akbar’s troubles.

Answer: F

Supporting Statement : “Wise Birbal, observing this, inquired of Akbar, ‘O great and mighty King, what is troubling you in your travels?”

(d) Birbal succeeded in answering to Akbar’s query.

Answer: T

Supporting Statement : He replied, “Your Majesty, it is the human mind!”

(e) The people of Akbar’s court admired the wisdom of Birbal.

Answer: T

Supporting Statement : The wisdom of Birbal left people astonished.

Activity 3 Solution

What kind of a text is this?

It is a (i) play (ii) essay (iii) story

Answer: (iii) story

Activity 4 Solution

Give another title to the story. Give reasons for your answer.


“Birbal’s Wisdom Puzzle” is alternative title for the story, which succinctly conveys the substance of the narrative and suggests Birbal’s intellectual difficulty and solution.

Activity 5 Solution

Complete the sentences meaningfully :

(a) Akbar asked Birbal ____________________________.

Answer: “What constitutes the fastest entity on this planet?”

(b) Most people of the court of Akbar were puzzled ________________.

Answer: Upon hearing the question that unsettled Akbar.

(c) __________________________withdrew his claim immediately.

Answer: The neighbor came to the realization that Birbal had outsmarted him, and

(d) __________________________ the faster things on earth.

Answer: the human mind is

Activity 6 Solution

Fill in the chart information from the text:

Answer: Akbar is unable to discover a solution to a basic inquiry: what holds the title of the fastest entity on Earth?1. Akbar was troubled
2. Emperor Akbar asked Birbal to solve a riddleAnswer: Birbal resolved the riddle and substantiated its correctness.
Answer: The neighbor stored water within his well.3. The neighbor wanted to change money for drawing water from the well

Activity 7 Solution

Answer the following questions :

(a) What were the things that the great emperor Akbar loved ?

Answer: The great Emperor Akbar was a great lover of the humanities—the arts, sciences, literature, and music.

(b) Why did Akbar not  have peace of mind ?

Answer: Due to his inability to solve a troubling riddle, Akbar lacked peace of mind.

(c) What was the problem presented by the man from the audience ?

Answer: An audience member claimed that although his neighbour had sold him a well, the neighbour had demanded money when the guy attempted to use the water.

(d) How did Birbal solve the problem ?

Answer: The seller realised his mistake and withdrew his claim when Birbal suggested to the buyer that the best course of action would be to transfer ownership of the well.

Activity 8 Solution

Identify the words from the text which are the synonyms of the following words:

(a) confused

Answer: puzzled

(b) demanded

Answer: claimed

(c) argument

Answer: dispute

(d) surprised

Answer: amazed

Activity 9 Solution

Complete the following sentences with the proper degree of Adjectives:

(a) Shiela has the ________________ (long) hair in the class.

Answer: longest

(b) Mr.Ghosal is ________________ (busy) than Mr.Patnaik.

Answer: busier

(c) We should be _______________ (careful) in our speech.

Answer: more careful

(d) Shenawaz is as _______________ (thin) as Pralay.

Answer: thin

(e) The owl is considered as the ___________ (wise) of all.

Answer: wisest

(f) His house is _______________ (far) away from my house than Sanjeev’s.

Answer: farther

Activity 10 Solution

Fill in the blanks with either Present Continuous Tense or Past Continuous Tense:

(a) It _______________ (rain) now.

Answer: is raining

(b) Dr.Manmohan Singh _________________(visit) kolkata today.

Answer: is visiting

(c) Hari _______________ (study) at 9pm yesterday.

Answer: was studying

(d) The boys _______________ (play) in the field now.

Answer: are playing

(e) Rahim _______________ (talk) to his friend when his mother called him.

Answer: was talking

Activity 11 Solution

Suppose your friend asks you to solve a riddle and you don’t know the answer to it. Write a dialogue in about seventy words based on the conversation that you had with your friend.


Roshan: Hello Sushil! What’s going on?

You: Nothing serious. Just having a crack at this crossword.

Roshan: Good to see that you like puzzles. Well, here’s a riddle for you.

You: What’s the riddle?

Roshan: Well, why did the scarecrow win an award?

You: Hmm, I’m not sure. Why did the scarecrow win an award?

Roshan: Because he was outstanding in his field!

You: Haha, that’s a good one, Sunil! I didn’t see that coming.

Activity 12 Solution

Try to Write a story that you may have heard before using the following points (in about seventy words):


A Clever fox and a foolish crow

A shrewd crow once discovered a tasty morsel of flesh. It took off for a tree to savour its food. The crow caught the attention of a cunning fox who said, “Dear crow, you have a beautiful voice.” Would you please sing for me? Flattered, the crow began to sing a lovely tune. It dropped the meat as it was singing, and the fox snatched it up instantaneously. Though dejected, the crow took away a vital lesson and flew away wiser.

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