A Thing of Beauty Short Question Answer | NCERT Class 12 English Poem

A Thing of Beauty Short and Very Short Questions Answers – NCERT Class 12 English Book Flamingo “A Thing of Beauty” poem important short questions solution download pdf.

A Thing of Beauty short and very short question answer download pdf

Very short Question Answer

(1) What are the beautiful things ?

Answer : The moon, the sun, trees, daffodils, streams, death, books, rain, stories are the beautiful things.

(2) Where did the poet and Endymion live?

Answer : The poet and Endymion live on mount Latmos.

(3) Who was John Keats ?

Answer : John Keats was British Romantic poet.

(4) Who said that a thing of beauty is a joy forever?

Answer : John Keats said that a thing of beauty is a joy forever.

(5) What is the endless fountain according to poet?

Answer : A thing of beauty that gives happiness is the endless fountain according to poet.

(6) What is the main message of the poem?

Answer : The main message of the poem is Beauty is everlasting.

(7) What does brink mean?

Answer : brink mean Edge of the top.

(8) What keeps us connected to the planet, according to the poet?

Answer : The beauty of nature keeps us connected to the planet, according to the poet.

Short Question Answer

(1) Mention any two things which, according to Keats, give us pain and suffering.

Answer : Keats asserts that human suffering stems from the scarcity of noble spirits on earth, coupled with the inhumane and antagonistic attitudes that cast shadows of sadness and distress over our days, fostering wretchedness along our paths.

(2) What rich bounty has heaven given us?

Answer : The boundless beauty of nature, bestowed upon us by heaven, envelops and enriches our lives indefinitely whenever we contemplate it. Like an everlasting fountain flowing from the heavens, beauty continuously showers us with joy.

(3) What makes human beings love life in spite of all troubles?

Answer : Despite all the hardships, a thing of beauty aids us in dispelling the shroud of gloom or darkness from our lives.

(4) How do beautiful things help us to live a happy life?

Answer : Finding comfort and joy in the presence of beauty, we are uplifted by the enduring imprint it leaves on our minds, offering us a lasting source of happiness. These objects of beauty offer relief from the trials and tribulations of daily life, guiding us towards a path of happiness and contentment.

(5) How is a thing of beauty a joy forever?

Answer : A beautiful object brings us enduring joy, as it grants us eternal happiness and leaves a lasting impression on our minds, enabling us to re experience its delightful essence whenever we recall it. It never diminishes into obscurity; instead, its charm flourishes with each passing moment.

(6) Which objects of nature does Keats mention as sources of joy in his poem, ‘A Thing of Beauty’?

Answer : All elements of nature embody beauty and provide pleasure. Among them are the sun, the moon, aged and youthful trees, daffodil blossoms, babbling streams with crystal-clear waters, dense clusters of ferns, and the blossoming of musk-roses. Each of these is a manifestation of beauty, serving as enduring sources of joy and delight.

(7) A row can ‘mighty dead’ be things of beauty?

Answer : The term “Mighty dead” refers to the great and inspiring individuals whose legendary tales have been penned in grand narratives. These stories are still read and admired today, serving as a source of beauty and relaxation for humanity.

(8) What is the message of the poem, ‘A Thing of Beauty?

Answer : The poem communicates the idea that a beautiful thing brings us boundless joy, lifting us out of sadness and despair. The memory of such beauty serves as a perpetual source of happiness.

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