Inspiration Helps Class 7 Question Answer | UP Board English Lesson 15 Solution

Short & Long Questions Solutions from UP Board Class 7th English Text Book “Rainbow” Lesson 15 Prose Inspiration Helps are discussed in this page. You can download the PDF of the Question Answer of the Inspiration Helps Class 7 English Chapter 15 which will be very helpful for your upcoming Uttar Pradesh State Board Exams.

Comprehension Questions

Question 1.

Answer the following questions:

(1) Where did Rubina’s father work?

Answer : Rubina’s father was employed at a factory.

(2) Why was Rubina worried?

Answer : Rubina’s concern over her studies stemmed from her decision to halt attending school to care for her father and manage household responsibilities.

(3) Why did Rubina stop going to school?

Answer : Rubina discontinued her school attendance since she needed to stay home most of the time to care for her father.

(4) What do you understand by “Rashtriya Swasthya Beema Yojna”?

Answer : The government provides a medical insurance program for low-income families, enabling them to access healthcare benefits during times of illness or medical emergencies.

(5) What was the advice given to Rubina by her teacher?

Answer : The teacher recommended that Rubina enroll in the girls’ boarding school, where she would receive tuition, meals, and accommodation free of charge.

(6) What did Rubina do for her village after completing her studies?

Answer : After joining a local Primary Health Centre, Rubina subsequently established a school for the children of factory workers.

Question 2.

Who said these words and to whom:

(1) “I am suffering from some serious disease.”

Answer : Rubina’s father to her mother.

(2) “Your family must have been enrolled in ‘Rashtriya Swasthya Beema Yojna’.”

Answer : Teacher to Rubina’s mother.

(3) “Rubina should join the girls boarding school.”

Answer : Teacher to Rubina’s mother.

(4) “I am not going to school because my father is very sick.”

Answer : Rubina to her teacher.

Word Power

Question 1.

Fill in the blanks with appropriate words given in the box:

accompanied, hurdle, enrolled, excel, lagging, gratitude

(1) Pooja wants to _______ in studies.

Answer : excel.

(2) Ravi is _____________ behind in studies due to his poor health.

Answer : lagging.

(3) My heart is full of ___________ for your support.

Answer : gratitude.

(4) Shweta overcame the _________ by passing the entrance exam.

Answer : hurdle.

(5) The mother __________ her son to the shop.

Answer : accompanied.

(6) The teacher __________ my name for the sports competition.

Answer : enrolled.

Language Practice Solution

Question 1.

Add ‘can/could’ and make questions:

(1) Her mother could work in the factory.

Answer : Could her mother work in the factory?

(2) Her father could recover his health.

Answer : Could her father recover his health?

(3) Rubina could take admission in the medical college.

Answer : Could Rubina take admission in the medical college?

(4) Rubina can open the school for factory worker’s children.

Answer : Can Rubina open the school for factory workers’ children?

(5) Her father can get the free treatment in a hospital.

Answer : Can her father get the free treatment in a hospital?

(6) Rubina can join a local Primary Health Centre.

Answer : Can Rubina join a local Primary Health Centre?

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