A Courageous Act Question Answer | UP Board Class 7 Chapter 11 Solutions

UP Board Class 7 English Chapter 11 A Courageous Act Solution Download: You can download the Solutions of the Prose A Courageous Act UP Board Class 7 Lesson 11 Rainbow Textbook in this page.

Comprehension Question

Question 1.

Answer the following questions:

(1) What was the profession of Gayatri’s father and what did he promise her?

Answer : Gayatri’s father, a fisherman, had made a promise to teach her how to fish.

(2) Why was Gayatri excited?

Answer : Gayatri was thrilled at the prospect of going fishing in the sea with her father.

(3) What was the news flashed on the radio?

Answer : The radio broadcasted news that a cyclonic storm was anticipated to strike the village within the next twenty-four hours.

(4) How did Gayatri save her household items from floods?

Answer : Gayatri arranged all the small household items such as food, utensils, articles, candles, and matchboxes on beds, tables, and chairs.

(5) How did Gayatri help the people trapped in the floods.

Answer : Gayatri rowed towards the stranded people, assisting them onto her boat. She then navigated to the town hall and dropped them off. Additionally, she donated clothes, food, matchboxes, and candles to support them.

Word Power English Question Answer

Question 1.

Fill in the blanks with the words given in the box:

toppled, rowed, submerged, shelter, utensils

(1) The town was __________ by the flood water.

Answer : submerged .

(2) Anu _____________ the boat to shore.

Answer : rowed.

(3) The earthquake ___________ the building.

Answer : toppled.

(4) The maid washed all the __________ of the kitchen.

Answer : utensils.

(5) Human beings need food, clothing and __________ .

Answer : shelter.

Language Practice Question Answer

Question 1.

Now write synonyms of the following words:

(1) profession

Answer : Occupation.

(2) request

Answer : Pleaded.

(3) sea

Answer : Ocean.

(4) damage

Answer : Destruction.

Question 2.

Now make sentences using the table below :

There isa lot ofwater in that jug.
There isa lot ofsugar in the box.
There area lot ofanimals in the zoo.
There area lot ofbooks in the library

Answer :

1) There is a lot of water in that jug.

2) There is a lot of sugar in the box.

3) There are a lot of animals in the zoo.

4) There are a lot of books in the library.

Question 3.

Now fill in the blanks with a few or a little”:

(1) Aditya has ___________ story books.

Answer : a few.

(2) There is _____________ milk left in the glass.

Answer : a little.

(3) They had ___________ time.

Answer : a little.

(4) ___________ people like cooking.

Answer : a few.

(5) I have to revise __________ lessons.

Answer : a few.

(6) _________ members are coming today.

Answer : a few.

(7) My house is ____________ away from here.

Answer : a little.

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