Florence Nightingale Question Answer; UP Board Class 7 English Chapter 14 Solutions

Exercise Solutions of UP Board Class 7 English Book Rainbow Chapter 14 Florence Nightingale: In this page, we have discussed different questions of the UP State Board Class 7th English Lesson 14’s story Florence Nightingale and its questions and answers.

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Comprehension Questions

Question 1.

Answer the following questions:

(1) How did Florence get her name?

Answer : Florence derived her name from the city of Florence in Italy, her birthplace.

(2) What did Florence want to become ?

Answer : Florence aspired to pursue a career as a nurse.

(3) Why didn’t young ladies from good families become nurses in those days?

Answer : In addition to receiving extremely little pay, nurses were not well respected in the community. As a result, in those days, young women from respectable homes did not pursue careers as nurses.

(4) What did Florence do to improve the condition of the hospital at Sentari ?

Answer : Florence renovated the hospital, installing a new kitchen to enhance meal quality. Additionally, she personally financed the purchase of fresh sheets and clothing for the patients.

(5) Why is Florence Nightingale known as ‘The Lady with the Lamp’?

Answer : At the Sentari hospital, Florence would move from bed to bed during the night, carrying a lamp. This earned her the nickname ‘The Lady with the Lamp’.

Question 2.

Write true’ or false’ for the given statements:

(1) Florence was born in a poor family.

Answer : F.

(2) She wanted to become a nurse.

Answer : T.

(3) She grew up in Italy.

Answer : F.

(4) She worked very hard to improve the condition of the hospital.

Answer : T.

(5) She became the superintendent of the organization, Care of the sick’.

Answer : T.

Question 3.

Study the table. Now write five sentences about Florence Nightingale’s life. Write them in the order in which they happened:

Answer :

1) Florence was born in Italy.

2) Florence grew up in England.

3) Florence learnt about nursing in Germany.

4) Florence served the soldiers in the war in Turkey.

5) Florence died in London.

Word Power Solution

Column ‘A’ gives you the names of some countries. Write a word for the people belonging to each country in column ‘B’. One has been done for you:

Answer :


Language Practice Solution

Question 1.

Now complete the following paragraph with ‘and’ or ‘but’:

Answer : Sunita and Sakshi both like to play. Sunita likes to go to school but Sakshi does not like school at all. Sunita keeps her room neat and tidy but Sakshi keeps her room dirty.

Question 2.

Now make sentences with somebody, nobody and anybody using the table below:

Answer :

1) There is somebody at the entrance.

2) There is somebody on the terrace.

3) There is somebody in the garden.

4) There is somebody near the door.

5) There is nobody at the entrance.

6) There is nobody in the class.

7) There is nobody on the terrace.

8) There is nobody in the garden.

9) There is nobody near the door.

10) There isn’t anybody at the entrance.

11) There isn’t anybody in the class.

12) There isn’t anybody on the terrace.

13) There isn’t anybody in the garden.

14) There isn’t anybody near the door.

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