In Time of Silver Rain Question Answer: Class 7 English Chapter 1.3 Solution Maharashtra Board

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(1) Find the pairs of rhyming words used at the end of the lines in the poem.

Answer :


(3) If you were to draw a landscape on the basis of this poem, what elements will you show in it ? What colors will you use ?

Answer : In my landscape drawing, I envision depicting mountains, trees, rivers, raindrops, and birds. To bring it to life, I’ll incorporate shades of blue, black, brown, green, and orange.

(4) The special arrangement of short lines makes you think about every detail.

If you write the sentences in the usual manner, it does not have the same effect. For example, the first stanza would be something like ‘The earth puts forth new life again; green grasses grow and flowers lift their heads and the wonder of life spreads all over the plain in time of silver rain.’

Now try the following :

Write one or two sentences about something beautiful, using your own experience or imagination. Then rearrange the words in the sentences in a poetic form. You may write about a beautiful day, a beautiful night, a stream, a crop standing in a field, a graceful bird or animal, etc.

Answer : A beautiful night

The people were enjoying

When the clouds were making noise and thundering.

But I was sitting along with no one aside.

My feelings were at night just like a sea tide.

It started raining and I cried.

It started raining and I cried.

(5) Fill in the following blanks with reference to the poem.

‘In time of rain when spring and life are ___________ , the butterflies lift ________ wings to catch a ________ cry and trees put forth _________ leaves to sing in __________ beneath the sky as _________ boys and girls too ___________ singing down the roadway’.

Answer : ‘In time of rain when spring and life are new, the butterflies lift Silken wings to catch a rainbow cry and trees put forth new leaves to sing in joy beneath the sky as Passing boys and girls too go singing down the roadway’.

(6) Think and answer :

(a) Is the poet talking about heavy rains in the rainy season or rain that has come after a long time ?

Answer :

Certainly, the poet reflects on the long-awaited arrival of heavy rains in spring, reviving the flora and fauna.

As depicted in the poem, the poet meditates on the essence of silver rain, symbolizing the renewal of spring and life. Butterflies forsake their delicate wings to chase the enchanting rainbow, while the trees adorn themselves with fresh leaves, joining in a harmonious song of joy beneath the rain-laden sky.

(7) Find out the following with the help of your teacher and the internet.

Seasonal Rains (monsoon) in India and other countries.

Rain in countries like UK which experience spring-summer-autumn-winter.

Answer :

Seasonal monsoon rains typically begin in early June, bringing significant precipitation to coastal states such as Kerala, Goa, Karnataka, and Odisha. These states experience high rainfall from the beginning to the end of June. In some areas, the monsoon arrives in July, continuing with heavy rains and strong winds.

In the United Kingdom, June, July, and August constitute the summer season, known for its high temperatures and long sunny days. Autumn in the UK can be dry, although occasional rains and winds may also occur.

The average rainfall during the winter months of December to February is 80 mm.

The average rainfall during the spring months of March to May is 55 mm.

The average rainfall during the summer months of June to August is 60 mm.

The average rainfall during the autumn months of September to November is 85 mm.

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