Odd One In Question Answer | Maharashtra Board English Class 7 Chapter 1.2 Solution

Odd One In Maharashtra Board Balbharati Solution English Class 7 Chapter 1.2 Question Answer

(2) Write about Malti and Rima using the following points :

Answer :

AppearanceShe has good appearance. Malti was simple and smart but not completely by the physical appearance. Malti shows off her oily hair and wearing bindi on her forehead.Rima has good appearance. She also smart very much but little over confident and have some bad attitude.
StudiesMalti fared well in studies and intelligent also. She always work on her studies. She good in maths.Rima was good in English and Singing also. She also good in her studies.
Singinggood in hindi song but feels shame while singing.good in English song and more interest in singing.
Attitudes to othersShe behaves nicely while interacting with others. She has so much of patiency.She attitude will also good but sometimes she behaved very badly.
Weak PointsHer kind heart makes everyone to discourage her.Rima knew that she had bad behaviour. So she was to proud to admit it.

(3) Imagine you are Malti. Write about any one event in the story from Malti’s point of view.

Answer :

Anna, Malti, a talented girl hailing from a small state, adorned her hair with oil and wore a bindi on her forehead. Despite facing teasing from her classmates due to her background, she maintained her kindness and helpfulness towards others.

Malti’s academic achievements eventually silenced her critics and earned her respect among her peers. As a result, the teasing stopped, and she found acceptance and friendship in her class.

If I were in Malti’s shoes, I would focus more on extracurricular activities instead of solely on academics. I would continue to be kind and helpful to everyone, even to those like Rima and her friends who may not appreciate me initially. My goal would be to foster friendships with most of the students in the class.

(4) How do you behave with your classmates ? Write about your attitude and behavior in the appropriate column.

(Some actions : • Ask others for help • Refuse help • Judge others by their appearance • Judge others by their accent.)

Answer :

I always maintain a gentle and polite demeanor with my classmates, treating them as brothers and sisters. I make an effort to engage with everyone in a friendly manner, fostering a sense of unity and togetherness as if we were a family.During class, occasional conversations or arguments may arise, but we typically resolve them by engaging in polite discussions. When my friend speaks, I make sure to listen attentively and respectfully to what they have to say.I refrain from misbehaving or fighting with my classmates, and I don’t indulge in making fun of anyone in the classroom. I firmly believe in never underestimating anyone.

(7) List all the adverbs that end with ‘-ly’ from the passage

Answer : Rudely, Beautifully, Quality, sharply, Abundantly, Mercilessly, Readily, Cheerfully, Soundly, Badly.

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