A Time To Believe Question Answer | Maharashtra Board Class 8 English Chapter 1.1 Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 8 English Chapter 1.1 – A Time to Believe Balbharati Solutions – Questions & Answers are from the Text Book given below here.

balbharati class 8 english A Time To Believe question and answer download pdf solution Maharashtra board

Balbharati Solutions for Standard 8 English Chapter 1.1 (A Time To Believe)

(1) (A) Rearrange the letters to make meaningful words , occurring in the poem.

1) Clearmis

Answer : miracles.

2) Sowmid

Answer : wisdom.

3) Georuoe

Answer : courage.

4) Rissupser

Answer : surprises.

5) Tabyue

Answer : beauty.

6) madres

Answer : dreams.

7) lavwu

Answer : value.

8) Downre

Answer : wonder.

(B) Write word from the poem that describes the following.

1) Sky

Answer : stardust sky.

2) Heart

Answer : nurturing heart.

3) Hand

Answer : aging hand.

4) Beginning

Answer : new beginning.

5) Surprises

Answer : wonderful surprises.

(2)  Say why …..

(a) ____ the sky has a magical quality.

Answer : The sky has a magical quality because it has scarring clouds. Twinkling stars and beautiful moon.

(b) ___ even an aging hand has beauty.

Answer : Even an aging hand has beauty because it can teach us hoe to love .

(c) _____ We should believe that we are strong and courageous.

Answer : We should believe that we are strong and courageous because we are only ones who can lift ourselves up when we faced with challenges or any problems.

(3)  Make a list of any six things that the poet wants us to accept as true.

Answer :

a) Every day marks a fresh start.

b) Dreams can become reality.

c) No one is ever truly solitary.

d) Miracles have occurred.

e) Existence is a precious present.

f) Fantastic surprises are poised to occur at any moment.

(4) Find from the poem, positive qualities to fill up the web.

Answer : Strength, Courage, to believe, to cherish, love, wisdom.

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