Chandra Shekhar Azad Question Answer: UP Board Class 7 Lesson 10 Solution

UP Board Class 7 English Text Book Rainbow Chapter 10 Exercise Questions & Answers are provided in this page. Download the solutions in PDF format for the chapters such as Comprehension, Word Power, Language Practise etc.

Comprehension Questions

Question 1.

Answer the following questions:

(1) Who was popularly known as Azad? What was his favourite Hindi couplet?

Answer : Popularly, Chandra Shekhar was known as Azad. His preferred Hindi couplet went like this: “Dushman ki goliyon ka hum samna karenge, Azad hee rahe hain, Azad hee rahenge.”

(2) When and where was Chandra Shekhar born?

Answer : On July 23rd, 1906, Chandra Shekhar was born in Bhavra village, situated in the Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh.

(3) Name the movement for which he was arrested.

Answer : Non-Cooperation movement.

(4) What did the magistrate do when he was provoked by Azad?

Answer : When provoked by Azad, the magistrate sentenced him to fifteen lashes.

(5) Why did the British Police want to capture Chandra Shekhar Azad?

Answer : Chandra Shekhar Azad struck fear into the British Police and was a prime target on their hit list, prompting their pursuit to capture him.

(6) What was Azad’s pledge? How did he keep it?

Answer : Azad had sworn not to be captured alive. He kept his word and shot himself when he saw that the police were closing in on him.

Word Power

Question 1.

Match the words given in column ‘A’ with their meanings in column ‘B’:

Answer :

clutchto take hold of something tightly
disguisedto hide one’s identity
escapedto get free from something
provokedmove a person to action
mentortrusted adviser

Language Practice

Question 1.

Change the verbs given in the box into past indefinite forms and complete the sentences:

disconnect, shock, injure, run, fight

(1) Shilpa was ___________ and frightened after the accident.

Answer : shocked.

(2) Vineet fell and __________ himself.

Answer : injured.

(3) The water supply was _____________ due to storm.

Answer : disconnected.

(4) The rat ___________ as soon as it saw the cat.

Answer : ran.

(5) The soldier _____________ bravely in the battle.

Answer : fought.

Question 2.

Use the following pairs of words (homophones) in sentences to bring out the difference in their meanings. One is done for you:

(1) sun, son

Answer :

sun – The sun shines brightly in the sky during the day.

son – Every morning, my son eagerly awaits the school bus’s arrival.

(2) new, knew

Answer :

new – This is my new dress.

knew – They knew each other since childhood and shared countless memories.

(3) hair, hare

Answer :

hair – Her long hair flowed down her back in silky waves.

hare – The children love to play with hare.

(4) see, sea

Answer :

see – I see a beautiful rainbow stretching across the sky after the rain.

sea – We spent the day swimming and sunbathing by the sea.

Question 3.

Write four adjectives which qualify Chandra Shekhar Azad.

Answer : patriot, courageous, fearless, brave, determined.

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