Mahatma Gandhi Story Question Answer | UP Board English Class 7 Chapter 8 Solutions

Uttar Pradesh Board Class 7 English Chapter 8 Solution for Mahatma Gandhi – Exercise Question Answer for the UP Class 7 English Book Rainbow Lesson 7

Comprehension Questions

Question 1.

Answer the following questions:

(1) What was Gandhiji’s full name?

Answer : Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was the full name of Gandhiji.

(2) When and where was Gandhiji born?

Answer : Gandhiji’s birthplace was Porbandar in Kathiawad, where he was born on October 2nd, 1869.

(3) Write the main qualities of Gandhiji’s character.

Answer : Gandhiji was known for his honesty and truthfulness since childhood, leading a saintly life. He is renowned worldwide for his principle of non-violence.

(4) Why was Gandhiji restless?

Answer : Restless to witness his countrymen suffering under foreign rule, Gandhiji was deeply troubled.

(5) Whose story inspired Gandhiji to serve his parents?

Answer : Gandhiji found inspiration in the story of Shravana Kumar to serve his parents devotedly.

(6) Why do we call Gandhiji as ‘Father of the Nation’?

Answer : We bestow upon Gandhiji the title of ‘Father of the Nation’ in recognition of his immense contribution to our country’s freedom.

(7) Who assassinated Gandhiji and when?

Answer : On January 30th, 1948, Nathuram Godse assassinated Gandhiji.

Question 2.

Write ‘T’ for true statements and ‘F’ for false statements :

(1) Mahatma Gandhi was born on 2nd November 1869.

Answer : T.

(2) His mother’s name was Shantibai.

Answer : F.

(3) He was honest and truthful since his childhood.

Answer : T.

(4) 30th January is celebrated as Martyr’s Day in India.

Answer : T.

Word Power

Question 1.

Write the opposites of the following words :

(1) honest

Answer : dishonest.

(2) kind

Answer : unkind.

(3) poor

Answer : rich.

(4) equal

Answer : unequal.

(5) justice

Answer : injustice.

(6) dark

Answer : light.

(7) happiness

Answer : unhappiness.

(8) necessary

Answer : unnecessary.

Language Practice Solution

Question 1.

Match the suffix with the root word to make a new word:

Answer :


Question 2.

Using the table frame questions, write the suitable ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answers below them :

Doesa birdfly?it does.
Dobirdsfly?they do.
Doesa catfly?it doesn’t.
Docatsfly?they don’t.
Doesa frogfly?it doesn’t.
Dofrogsfly?it doesn’t.

Answer :

1) Does a bird fly? – Yes, it does.

2) Do birds fly? – Yes, they do.

3) Does a cat fly? – No, it doesn’t.

4) Do cats fly? – No, they don’t.

5) Does a frog fly? – No, it doesn’t.

6) Do frogs fly? – No, it doesn’t.

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