Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers Short & Very Short Question Answer | NCERT Class 12 English

Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers Poem Short / Very Short Question Answer for NCERT Class 12 English – Download PDF of Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers Short Questions Solution.

Aunt Jennifer's Tigers Question Answer download pdf ncert class 12 text book flamingo

Very Short Question Answer

(1) How many volumes of poetry has she published?

Answer : 19 volumes of poetry has she published.

(2) What is the reason for not being able to put thread in the needle?

Answer : Her mental tension is taking over her body is the reason for not being able to put thread in the needle.

(3) What is the color of the tigers in Aunt Jennifer’s embroidery?

Answer : Bright yellow is the color of the tigers in Aunt Jennifer’s embroidery.

(4) What is the meaning of the word ‘ringed’?

Answer : The meaning of the word ‘ringed’ is circles of responsibility of married life.

(5) What was lying heavily?

Answer : Her wedding band was lying heavily.

(6) How do the Prancing tigers look?

Answer : The Prancing tigers look likes Topaz.

(7) What does wedding ring represent?

Answer : wedding ring represent post marriage responsibilities.

(8) What is depicted on the piece of cloth that Aunt Jennifer is embroidering?

Answer : Tigers is depicted on the piece of cloth that Aunt Jennifer is embroidering.

Short Question Answer

(1) Why are Aunt Jennifer’s hands fluttering through her wool?

Answer : Aunt Jennifer suffers from gender oppression inflicted by her husband, enduring a life of complete domination and perpetual fear. Consequently, she feels anxious and terrified, her hands trembling and fluttering as she sits down to knit.

(2) What is suggested by the image ‘massive weight of Uncle’s wedding’ band ?

Answer : The burden of marriage to an unfeeling husband has shattered Aunt’s life and happiness. The union feels like an iron shackle, restricting her freedom and leaving her feeling confined, like a caged bird or a slave. This has taken a toll on her health.

(3) Who is the aunt mentioned here?

Answer : The individual in question is Aunt Jennifer, the central figure in Adrienne Rich’s poem “Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers.” She is portrayed as a woman experiencing adversity within her marriage.

(4) Why did Aunt Jennifer choose to embroider tigers on the panel?

Answer : Aunt Jennifer opted to embroider tigers on the panel due to their symbolism of strength and splendor, starkly contrasting with her own timid nature. The weighty presence of the wedding band on her finger serves as a symbol of the trials and tribulations of her married life, motivating her to create tigers as they embody a striking contrast to the frail, meek woman behind them.

(5) Of what or of whom is Aunt Jennifer terrified in the third stanza ?

Answer : According to the poetess, Aunt will bear the scars of her marital suffering even in death. She will continue to harbor fear of Uncle and the oppressive bonds of marriage, the rings of torment, even beyond the grave.

(6) How does the poet show the futility of Aunt Jennifer’s efforts?

Answer : Throughout her life, Aunt Jennifer longed for spiritual freedom from her oppressive husband, channeling her emotions into the creation of fearless and majestic tigers. Yet, even in death, she remained bound by the constraints of patriarchal society, burdened by the weight of the ring on her finger. Despite her efforts, she never found liberation.

(7) Why has Aunt Jennifer created the tigers so different from her own character?

Answer : Aunt Jennifer’s creation of tigers reflects her longing to break free from the limitations of her marriage, aspiring to emulate the boldness and fearlessness embodied by her tigers.

(8) What will happen when Aunt Jennifer is dead?

Answer : Even after Aunt Jennifer’s passing, the tigers she crafted will endure unchanged, continuing to grace the panel with their confident and gallant presence. Ironically, the very masculine world that oppressed her will persist in enjoying the freedom denied to her.

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