A Roadside Stand Short & Very Short Question Answer; NCERT Class 12 English

A Roadside Stand Short Question Answer – Solution for the Class 12 NCERT English Book Flamingo Short and Very Short Questions and Answers in PDF.

A Roadside Stand very short question answer download solution pdf ncert class 12

Very Short Question Answer

(1) On whose condition is the poem based?

Answer : Poor people condition is the poem based.

(2) Who is Robert Frost ?

Answer : Robert Frost is an American twentieth century poet.

(3) What does support the flow of cities ?

Answer : Flow of money support the flow of cities.

(4) who will soothe the rural poor ?

Answer : City people will soothe ‘out of their wits’ the rural poor.

(5) What is a roadside stand?

Answer : Small shop on the side of road is a roadside stand.

(6) What was the news ?

Answer : Relocation and resettlement of the rural folk to make them tension free by the government was the news.

(7) According to the poem, who pays the heaviest price for the government’s promises?

Answer : The villagers who lose their land pays the heaviest price for the government’s promises.

(8) Who is the poet of the heart touching poem ‘A roadside stand’?

Answer : Robert Frost is the poet of the heart touching poem ‘A roadside stand’.

Short Question Answer

(1) Why does Robert Frost sympathies with the rural poor?

Answer : Robert Frost experiences overwhelming distress witnessing the plight of the rural poor, who are disregarded and overlooked by affluent politicians. The government and the ruling party show indifference to their welfare, deceiving them with false promises before exploiting them entirely for their own selfish interests.

(2) What is the party in power keeping from these rural poor?

Answer : The government and local authorities, purportedly aiding but ultimately harming them, are relocating the people to the outskirts of towns near theaters and shopping centers, a significant disservice to the community. This move will strip them of their voice, freedom, and ability to address their own issues.

(3) How does Robert Frost show the importance of money in the poem “A Roadside Stand”?

Answer : Money is crucial for improving one’s quality of life. In pursuit of this, rural residents have established a roadside stand to earn additional income, aiming to enhance their standard of living.

(4) What was the plea of the folk who had put up the roadside stand?

Answer : The individuals operating the roadside stand politely invited city dwellers to stop and purchase their goods, aiming to earn extra income for an improved quality of life. They hoped that affluent passersby in their cars would also take the time to support them, knowing that the money they earned from these customers would significantly enhance their lives.

(5) Why do people at the roadside stand ask for city money?

Answer : The rural individuals operating the roadside stand live in poverty and lack compared to their urban counterparts. Consequently, they seek financial assistance from the city to achieve a life of happiness and prosperity. This essential urban support could fulfill the promises made to them by the governing party.

(6) Why didn’t the ‘polished traffic’ stop at the roadside stand?

Answer : Passersby in vehicles often overlook the small roadside shop, focused solely on reaching their destination. Furthermore, they are unimpressed by its appearance, both inside and out, finding it lacking in decoration.

(7) What kind of life do the rural people dream of?

Answer : The rural residents envision a better life akin to what they’ve witnessed in movies, yearning to reside in improved surroundings, closer to theaters and stores.

(8) What news in the poem ‘A Roadside Stand’ is making its round in the village?

Answer : Word is spreading about the relocation of impoverished rural residents to villages near theaters and stores. This move will bring them closer to urban areas, alleviating their concerns about self-sufficiency.

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