The Eyes Have It Question Answer – MCQ, SAQ & Long Type Questions Solution

The Eyes Have It” Questions Answers Download – Class 12 MCQ, Long, Shorts Question Answer PDF from Class 12 Text Book Chapter The Eyes Have It solution.

The eyes have it mcq, short, saq, long type questions answers download pdf by ruskin bond

The Eyes have it a story written by Ruskin Bond and it is a prose in WB Board Class 12 English TextBook. Here textbook based MCQ, LAQ & SAQ along with Solution is given in the page below.


1) The girl was getting off at –

Answer : Saharanpur .

2) The writer of ‘The Eyes Have It’ is –

Answer : Ruskin Bond .

3) The girl in The Eyes Have It’ wished to go to in October.

Answer : Mussoorie .

4) Her parents were very anxious about –

Answer : her comfort .

5) The narrator travelled alone in the rain upto –

Answer : Rohana .

Short Answer Type Questions and Answers

1) How did the blind narrator know that the girl wore slippers?

Answer : The blind narrator discerned that the girl wore slippers by the sound of them slapping against her heels.

2) What do the people who cannot see take in?

Answer : Those who are visually impaired must rely solely on their remaining senses to perceive essential information.

3) What advice did the woman give to the girl ? 

Answer : The woman counseled the girl on where to store belongings, cautioned against leaning out of windows, and advised against engaging in conversation with strangers.

4) Why was the narrator unable to tell anything about the look of the girl?

Answer : The narrator couldn’t provide any details about the girl due to his total blindness.

5) What made the narrator feel troubled and lonely?

Answer : The idea of laughter at the girl’s comment left the narrator feeling uneasy and isolated.

Long Answer Questions

1) “Few girls can resist flattery” – Who said this? What was the flattery? What was the reaction of the spoken one?

Answer : The narrator of the story ‘The Eyes Have It’ said this.

The narrator’s comment on the girl’s face being interesting was merely flattery.

Upon receiving the compliment, the girl chuckled pleasantly, her laughter resonating clearly. She expressed her appreciation to the narrator for acknowledging her interesting face, stating that she was weary of being constantly told she had a pretty face.

2) Signify the title of the story ” The Eyes Have It ‘ .

Answer : A short story’s title is very important since it usually contains a hint-either directly or indirectly-about the content of the work. In “The Eyes Have It,” a short story by Ruskin Bond, the narrator and a girl, both blind, play a game of deception about their condition. Both characters are quite skilled at speaking as though they can see, which helps to keep the illusion of sight throughout the story. The girl is actually totally blind, though, and this is only disclosed at the end of the story by a new passenger. Thus, from start to finish, the central issue of vision-or lack thereof-is delicately examined. In conclusion, the title appropriately captures the main idea of the story.

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