Lost Spring Short & Very Short Question Answer | NCERT Class 12 Solutions PDF Download

NCERT Class 12th Text Book Flamingo Chapter 2 – Lost Spring Short Question Answer, Very Short Type Questions Solutions Download PDF

ncert lost spring short and very short question answer download pdf

Lost Spring is a Prose in NCERT’s Class XII Text Book Flamingo. It is written by Anees Jung and Indian author. Read the short and very short Questions and Answers form the” Lost Spring“. These important extra questions solutions will be helpful for the upcoming 12th Class Exam.

Very Short Question Answer

(1) What is the full name of Saheb ?

Answer : The full name of Saheb is Saheb-e- Alam.

(2) What does Saheb look for in the garbage dumps?

Answer : Saheb searched through the garbage dumps for coins, rupees, and any other useful items.

(3) Who is Mukesh?

Answer : Mukesh is a Ragpicker.

(4) How was Mukesh’s grandfather got blind ?

Answer : With the glass powder.

(5) What does Mukesh want to become ?

Answer : Mukesh want to become a Motor mechanic.

(6) Where does Mukesh live?

Answer : Mukesh is from a family that makes glass bangles in Firozabad.

(7) Who is the author of “Lost spring”?

Answer : Anees Jung wrote “Lost Spring.”

(8) Why did Saheb leave Dhaka?

Answer : Saheb Leave Dhaka Because of lack of enough food .

Short Question Answer

(1) Who is Mukesh? What is his dream?

Answer : Mukesh works in a glass factory in Firozabad. His family makes bangles, but he doesn’t like it. He wants to be independent and dreams of fixing cars. He hopes to learn at a garage to become a mechanic.

(2) What job did Saheb take up? Was he happy?

Answer : Saheb started working at a tea stall, where he had to do various tasks, like fetching milk from the booth. He felt unhappy because he lost his freedom. Despite earning 800 and receiving free meals, he no longer had control over his own life.

(3) How was Mukesh different from other bangle makers?

Answer : Mukesh stood out among other bangle makers because he desired independence. While they resigned themselves to their fate without daring to dream, Mukesh envisioned a future as a motor mechanic, aspiring to control his own destiny.

(4) Where does Saheb live now?

Answer : In “Lost Spring,” Saheb’s current living situation and whereabouts are not specifically stated. The narrative centers on his life as a ragpicker in the streets of India, without delving into his present residence or exact location beyond his occupation.

(5) How is Mukesh’s attitude towards life different from that of his family?

Answer : Mukesh wants to be independent, unlike his family. He dreams of becoming a motor mechanic, which is a bold aspiration. He wants to break away from his family’s tradition of making bangles, a job they have done for generations around furnaces.

(6) Describe the irony in Saheb’s name.

Answer : Saheb’s name, Saheb-e-Alam, means ‘Lord of the Universe’. But despite this, he lives in poverty, without shoes, and homeless. He earns money by collecting garbage in Delhi. It’s ironic because his name doesn’t match his difficult life.

(7) Which industry was a boon and also bane for the people of Firozabad? 

Answer : The glass-bangle making industry in Firozabad has been both a blessing and a curse for its people. While it has provided them with a means of livelihood, the hazardous working conditions in the hot furnaces have had a detrimental impact on their physical health.

(8) What is the gender role in Mukesh family?

Answer : In Mukesh’s family as depicted in “Lost Spring,” traditional gender roles are followed. The women, including his mother and sister, handle domestic tasks such as cooking and managing the household, while the men, like Mukesh’s father, typically work outside the home.

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