We are Seven Question Answer – Class 7 English Chapter 3 Solution

Class 7 English Text Book Chapter 3 We are Seven Solution – Read All Answers for the West Bengal Board Class 7 English Textbook Blossoms Activity Questions for Chapter 3. We are Seven poem is written by William Wordsworth which is in lesson 3 of the Class 7 English text book of Bengali Medium Schools in West Bengal. In this post, we have provided all the activity question answers from end of this chapter.

We are Seven - Class 7 English - Chapter 3 Solution

Activity 1 Solution

Choose the correct answer from the given alternatives :

(a) The little girl whom the poet met was –

(i) seven

(ii) eight

(iii) nine years old.

Answer: (ii)

(b) The girls lost –

(i) two brothers

(ii) two sisters

(iii) a brothers and sister.

Answer: (iii)

(c) The distances between her house and the burial ground was only –

(i) twelve steps

(ii) ten steps

(iii) six steps.

Answer: (i)

Activity 2 Solution

Identify  which of the following statements are true and which are false . Give a supporting statements for each of your answers :

(a) The little girl was good – looking. (  )

Answer: T

Supporting Statement : Due to her stunning eyes and voluminous, curly hair.

(b) five of her brothers and sisters were dead. (  )

Answer: F

Supporting Statement : Two of her siblings had passed away.

(c) The graves were covered with green grass. ( )

Answer: T

Supporting Statement : As is evident, the graves displayed a green hue.

Activity 3 Solution

Look at the first four lines :

A simple child

That lightly draws its breath

And feels its life in every limb,

What should it know of death?

Where is the similarity ? The word breath rhymes with death. Find words from the poem that rhyme with the given words:


curl: girl

head: said;

air: fair;

clad: glad;

be: me;

tell: dwell;

laid: maid;

heaven: seven

Activity 4 Solution

Answer the following questions:

(a) Pick out the expressions that describe the appearance of the girl.

Answer: Her hair boasted abundant curls, and her attire was unconventional, while her eyes held a striking beauty.

(b) With whom did the girl live?

Answer: The girl lived with her mother.

(c) What does the girl say about her living brothers and sisters ?

Answer: She mentioned that two of her brothers currently reside in Conway, while the other two have embarked on a sea voyage.

(d) Why does the girl say, “We are seven” ?

Answer: Due to her lack of comprehension regarding the concept of death and her inability to distinguish between the living and the deceased, she ended up counting seven instead of five.

Activity 5 Solution

Make sentences with the following words:


Dwell : I dwell in a cozy house.

Clustered : The stars are clustered together in the night sky.

Rustic : The restaurant had a charming rustic atmosphere.

Grave : She spoke in a solemn and grave tone.

Maid : The maid cleaned the rooms every morning.

Activity 6 Solution

Make sentences with the following pairs of homophones:


(i) met – I met my friend at the coffee shop yesterday.

mate – I’m having lunch with my mate later.

(ii) hair – I’m getting a haircut at the salon tomorrow.

hare – The children read a story about a clever hare in the forest.

(iii) wonder – The view from the mountaintop is a true wonder.

wander – The cat likes to wander around the neighborhood.

(iv) two – Two apples are on the table.

to – She gave the gift to her friend.

(v) there – There is a cat on the roof.

their – The birds built their nests high in the trees.

Here in this article we shared model activity solution of the questions from We are Seven by William Wordsworth. For more model questions answers of Class 7 English Book Lesson 3 Solution, keep checking our website.

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