The Beauty and the Beast Question Answer – Class 7 English Chapter 4 Solution

WB Board Class 7 English Book Chapter 4 The Beauty and the Best Solution – West Bengal Board Bengali Medium English Text Book Blossoms for Class 7 all Chapter 4 Questions Answers are given in this page. You can read and download the Class VII English Chapter 4 Solution below.

The Beauty and the Beast - Class 7 English - Chapter 4 Solution

Activity 1 Solution

Choose the correct option:

What is the text type : Is it – (a) an imaginary story (b) a true story (c) the life story of a famous person?

Answer: (a) an imaginary story

Activity 2 Solution

Underline the correct answer :

(a) Belle is the name of the –

(i) Youngest daughter

(ii) middle daughter

(iii) eldest daughter

Answer: (i)

(b) belle asked her father to bring –

(i) jewels

(ii) dresses

(iii) a rose

Answer: (iii)

(c) The owner of the castle was a –

(i) rich merchant

(ii) beast

(iii) king

Answer: (ii)

Activity 3 Solution

Identify which of the following statements are true and which are false. Give a supporting statements for each of your answers :

(a) The merchant had three daughters.

Answer: True

Supporting Statement : Once upon a time a wealthy merchant lived in a big mansion with his three daughters.

(b) The merchant lost his way return journey.

Answer: True

Supporting Statement : While returning, he lost his way in a forest.

(c) Belle did not go to the castle on her own will.

Answer: False

Supporting Statement : “But she wrested it from him and willingly ventured to the beautiful castle.”

(d) Belle became the mistress of the castle.

Answer: True

Supporting Statement : You are the mistress of the castle, and I am your servant.

Activity 4 Solution

Answer the following questions:

(a) How did the fortune of the  merchant charge ?

Answer: The merchant lost all his wealth in a tempest.

(b) What were the gifts that the three daughters asked for ?

Answer: Two daughters requested gems and elegant dresses, while the youngest daughter sought a single rose.

(c) Why did the merchant go to the castle ?

Answer: The merchant sought shelter at the castle.

(d) What did the Beast demand from the merchant ?

Answer: The creature insists on taking the merchant’s youngest daughter.

(e) Why did Belle go to the castle of the Beast?

Answer: To uphold her father’s promise and save his life, Belle journeys to the Beast’s castle.

Activity 5 Solution

Fill in the table with information from text:

Answer: The merchant’s wealth was lost in a sea storm.The merchant moved over to village farmhouse
The merchant promised to send Belle to the castleAnswer: The beast provided her with luxurious attire and abundant meals, engaging in lengthy conversations with her.
Answer: Belle discovered the Beast in a near-death state.Belle wept over the body of the beast

Activity 6 Solution

Answer the following sentences :

(1) Why did the Beast decide to kill the merchant ?

Answer: The merchant plucked a valuable rose from the garden of the beast.

(2) How did the beast look after Belle in his castle ?

Answer: The beast bestowed lavish clothing and sumptuous meals upon Belle, allowing her to live in luxury.

(3) Why did Belle fail to find the prince of her dreams in the castle ?

Answer: Because the prince is the very beast.

(4) What were the two things Belle carried to her father’s house? Why did she take them ?

Answer: The two items are a mirror and a ring. If anything befalls the beast, she can swiftly arrive.

(5) How did a handsome price become an ugly beast ?

Answer: A fairy placed a curse upon the prince, transforming him into a beast.

Activity 7 Solution

Rearrange the sentences in the correct order by writing the numbers in the brackets. One is done for you:

(1) The ugly Beast a handsome prince. (  )

Answer: 6

(2) Belle declined to marry the Beast. (  )

Answer: 3

(3) The merchant promised to bring a rose for Belle. ( )

Answer: 1

(4) Belle wept on the dying body of the Beast. (  )

Answer: 5

(5) Belle went to the castle of the Beast. (  )

Answer: 2

(6) Belle promised to return to the castle exactly a week later. (  )

Answer: 4

Activity 8 Solution

The meanings of certain words are given here. Identify those words from the text:


(i) imprisoned – captive

(ii) that which cannot be seen – invisible

(iii) friendly and kind behavior to guests – graciously

(iv) completely changed – transformed

Activity 9 Solution

In each set there is a word that does not fit with the rest of the words in the set. Identify the word. One is done for you:

(i) Mansion/ palace / flat / huge house

Answer: flat

(ii) drizzle / storm / tempest / cyclone

Answer: drizzle

(iii) friend / foe / ally / compatriot

Answer: foe

(iv) refuse / accept / decline / deny

Answer: accept

Activity 10 Solution

Form groups. Discuss among yourselves and identify the nouns that the participle adjectives in the above sentences of Activity 9 qualify.


Activity 11 Solution

Underline the participle adjectives in the following sentences:

(1) Runa is a trained nurse.

Answer: trained

(2) The police caught the absconding prisoner.

Answer: absconding

(3) A rising sun looks bright.

Answer: rising

(4) Do not board a running bus.

Answer: running

(5) The sleeping girl is looking beautiful.

Answer: sleeping

Activity 12 Solution

Identify whether the following sentences are in Direct or Indirect speech:

i) He said, “I am busy.”

Answer: Direct speech

ii) The master said that the clerk would not attend office that day.

Answer: Indirect speech

iii) The student said that she had left her bag there.

Answer: Indirect speech

iv) She said, “I am leaving for Delhi now.”

Answer: Direct speech

Activity 13(a) Solution

You have just finished reading a beautiful story. write a story in about seventy words with the help of the points given below. Give a title to your story:


The Grateful Rain

As the merchant journeyed home through the dense forest, a bag of money in hand, an unexpected rain shower drenched him. Furious, he cursed the rain. Suddenly, a robber emerged, pointing a gun. He pulled the trigger, but the gun misfired due to the wet gunpowder. The merchant, unharmed, thanked God for the rain that had spared his life.

Activity 13(b) Solution

Describe in a short paragraph (within seventy words) about your experience of visiting a garden of flowers. You may use the following clues:

Answer: Nestled in a tranquil corner of the countryside, I stumbled upon a charming flower garden. It was adorned with quaint wooden benches and stone pathways. A riot of colorful flowers, including roses, lilies, and daffodils, greeted my senses. As I wandered, the garden’s serenity washed away my worries, leaving me with a beautiful memory that will forever fill my heart with peace and joy.

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