The Snail Question Answer – Class 10 English Chapter 8 Solution

WB Board Class 10 English Book Chapter 8 The Snail Question Answer – Activity Solution from the West Bengal Bengali Medium English Text Book for Class 10 is given in this page below.

The Snail - Class 10 English - Chapter 8 Solution

Exercise 1 Solution

1. Choose the correct alternative to complete the following sentences:

(a) With the slightest touch , the snail shrinks into it’s house with

(i) displeasure

(ii) pleasure

(iii) pain

(iv) surprise

Answer: (i) displeasure

(b) In it’s house , the snail lives with

(i) parents

(ii) friends

(iii) relatives

(iv) no one

Answer: (iv) no one

Exercise 2 Solution

2. State whether the following statements are True or False. Provide sentences/phrases/words in support of your answer :

(a) The snail fears to fall from the wall.

Supporting statement : ___________________________

Answer: False

Supporting statement: “The snail sticks close, nor fears to fall.”

(b) The snail comes out of his house during a storm.

Supporting statement : ___________________________

Answer: False

Supporting statement : “Within that house secure he hides when danger imminent betides of storm, or other harm besides of weather.”

Exercise 3 Solution

3. Answer the following Questions:

(a) What does the snail usually stick itself to?

Answer: The snail usually sticks to grass, leaves, fruit, or walls.

(b) What makes the snail well-satisfied?

Answer: The snail discovers pure happiness in its own treasure.

Exercise 4 Solution

4. Change the following sentences into questions, as directed:

(a) Siraj always rises early. (Interrogative sentence using ‘does’)

Answer: Does Siraj always rise early?

(b) Joyce is the best singer in the class. (Information question using ‘who’)

Answer: Who is the best singer in the class?

(c) He saw the rainbow. (Interrogative sentence using ‘did’)

Answer: Did he see the rainbow?

(d) I go to school by bus. (Information question using ‘how’)

Answer: How do you go to school?

Exercise 5 Solution

5. Write a letter ( within 100 words) to the editor of an English daily about the disturbances caused by the thoughtless use of loudspeakers.


The Editor,
The Statesman,
Jalpaiguri – 735121

Subject: Concerns Regarding the Disturbances Caused by Loudspeaker

Dear Editor,

I hope this letter finds you well. I wanted to express my concern about the loud noises from speakers in our community. The constant disturbances affect everyone’s peace, especially the elderly and students. Could there be rules for using speakers, like specific times and lower volumes? It would make our neighborhood much more pleasant. I believe many residents share this concern, and addressing this issue could greatly improve our quality of life.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Your faithfully,
Rekha Das

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