The Axe Question Answer – Class 7 English Chapter 11 Solution

WB Board Class 7 English Book Chapter 11 The Axe Solution – West Bengal Bengali Medium Text Book of Class 7 (Blossoms) Chapter 11 Question Answers and activity solution is provided here. The Activity Questions are very important and our experienced teachers have prepared all the answers for you.

The Axe - Class 7 English - Chapter 11 Solution

Activity 1 Solution

Identity which of the following statements are and true and which are False. Give a supporting statements for your answers:

(1) Velan was very happy in the big house.

Answer: True

Supporting statement : Velan was contended and happy.

(2) The other people of the big house were not so happy.

Answer: False

Supporting statement : the people in the big house too seemed to be equally at peace with life.

(3) No tenant remained in the house for more than a few months.

Answer: True

Supporting statement : No one remained for more than a few months.

(4) People started avoiding the house.

Answer: True

Supporting statement : It came to be known as the “Ghost House,” and people avoided it.

Activity 2 Solution

Complete the following sentences with information from the text:

(a) One midnight he was told _________________________________

Answer: that the master was dead.

(b) The sons of the late owner left the keys of the house ____________________

Answer: with Velan.

(c) The house acquired _____________________________________

Answer: reputation of being haunted.

(d) Even the owners dropped __________________________________

Answer: the practice of coming and seeing the house.

Activity 3 Solution

Answer the followings questions:

(a) Who was velan ?

Answer: Velan was a gardener.

(b) Did the tenants have any regard for the garden ?

Answer: No, they ignored the garden completely.

(c) Did the owners of the house visit the house frequently?

Answer: No, the owners of the house visited the house sometimes.

(d) How did the house acquire the reputation of a “Ghost House”?

Answer: People didn’t stay in the house for long. Velan was the only one there for many years. After that, people thought the house was “Ghost House”.

Activity 4 Solution

Fill in the chart with information from the text :

(i) Answer: One day a car sounded its horn angrily at the gate.(i) Velan hobbled up with the keys.
(ii) Velen cleared the vegetation which blocked the entrance.(ii) Answer: The gates opened on rusty hinges, creaking and groaning.
(iii) Answer: The house is sold to a company. They are not going to have a garden.(iii) Velan was ordered to go back to his village.
(iv) Answer: the old man told them to wait until he was gone further. The tree cutters laid down their axes.(iv) The tree – cutters laid down their axes.

Activity 5 Solution

Complete the following sentences with information from the text:

1. Someone from the car ordered Velan to ___________________________

Answer: Open the big gate for car.

2. One the sons of old masters told Velan that ________________________

Answer: he would have to go back to his village.

3. Valan retired to _______________________________________________

Answer: his old hut.

4. Velan rushed out saw __________________________________________

Answer: four men hacking massive trunk of the old margosa tree.

Activity 6 Solution

Answer the following questions:

1. Who bought the house?

Answer: A company purchased the house.

2. Did they need a garden ?

Answer: No, they did not need a garden.

3. What was the order of the company ?

Answer: The company didn’t want a garden; they wanted to build many small houses, not even leaving space for a tiny bit of grass.

4. What was Valen’s request to the tree-cutters?

Answer: Velan asked the tree–cutters not to do it until he left the area.

Activity 7 Solution

Choose the correct alternative from the bracket and fill in the blanks:

(a) Binota studied ……………………….. (harder / more harder) than me.

Answer: harder

(b) Rupa sang ………………………….. (most sweetly / more sweetly) than her sister.

Answer: most sweetly

(c) Mita did (worse/ more badly) than ruby in the music competition.

Answer: more badly

(d) Among the gymnasts in the championship , Mihir scored the (less/ least).

Answer: least

Activity 8 Solution

Choose the correct adverb from the box and fill in the blanks. One is done for you.

more gracefully, radiantly , least nervous, earliest, more composed

Answer: There was no one in the hall when Sumana arrived. She was the earliest there. Soon, other dancers came. Sumana looked the least among the competitors. Her steps were more composed than the other girls on the stage. Her face glowed radiantly as the performed more gracefully than the other dancers on the stage.

Activity 9 Solution

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb:

(a) The news ……………………. (is/ are) shocking.

Answer: is

(b) The children …………………… (plays/ play) cricket in the park.

Answer: play

(c) Both Laboni and Soma ……………………… (love/ loves) outdoor games.

Answer: love

(d) The hotel manager and his staff …………………….. (make/ makes) the guests feel comfortable.

Answer: make

(e) Many women today …………………… (works/ work) outside the home.

Answer: work

Activity 10 Solution

Fill in the blanks with the words given below:

retired, blocked, excellent, orders, tenant

(a) We have a new …………………….. in our house.

Answer: tenant

(b) The singer has an ……………………. voice.

Answer: excellent

(c) The road was ………………………… due to an accident.

Answer: blocked

(d) The job was done according to the ………………………….. of the manager.

Answer: orders

(e) My father ……………………….. from his job last year.

Answer: retired

Activity 11 Solution

Write the appropriate plural Nouns of the following. One is done for you:

a. more than one woman : Women

b. more than one man :

Answer: Men

c. more than one person :

Answer: People

d. more than one goose :

Answer: Geese

e. more than one mouse :

Answer: Mice

f. more than one barrack :

Answer: Barracks

g. more than one deer :

Answer: Deer

h. more than one syllabus :

Answer: Syllabi

i. more than one focus :

Answer: Foci

Activity 12(a) Solution

Write a letter to your friend inviting him/ her to the marriage ceremony of your uncle.


English Bazar

Netaji para,
West Bengal

Dear Sima,

I hope this letter finds you well. I have wonderful news to share – my uncle is getting married! We’re having a ceremony on 22/04/2023. It would mean a lot to me if you could join us for this special day. Your presence would make it even more memorable. Let me know if you can make it.

Looking forward to celebrating together!

Your Friend

Activity 12(b) Solution

Imagine yourself to be the friend whom the letter was sent to. Now write a reply to the letter accepting the invitation.


Netaji Para

Risha Saha
English Bazar,
Maldah, West Bengal

Dear Risha,

Thanks for the invite! I’m excited to come to your uncle’s wedding. It’s going to be awesome celebrating together. Let me know if there’s anything I should bring.

Your Loving Friend

Activity 13 Solution

Write a story with the help of the following points:


Frogs and Boys

In a quiet pond, frogs peacefully resided. One day, mischievous boys began hurling stones, unknowingly hurting the frogs. One brave frog croaked out, “Why are you throwing stones?” The boys, surprised, responded, “We’re just playing.” The frog sighed, “It means death to us.” Stricken with guilt, the boys immediately ceased their sport, realizing the pain they had caused. From that day forward, the pond remained a safe and tranquil home for the frogs, with no more stones disturbing their peace.

The Axe by R K Narayan Solution from Class 7 English Text Book is given by here for reference purposes. We hope you have liked the Answers given here for the model activity questions.

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