The Price of Bananas Question Answer – Class 9 English Chapter 10 Solution

West Bengal Board Class 9 English Book Chapter 10 The Price of Bananas Solution – In this post, we have given the Question Answers of Exercises in the Chapter 10 of Class 9 English Text Book Bliss of West Bengal Board. Read the question answers for the Class 9 English Chapter 10 Book Solution below and download the whole Question Answer in PDF format.

The price of Bananas - Class 9 English - Chapter 10 Solution

Exercise 1 Solution

Tick the correct answer from the given alternatives:

(1) The author was on his way from Faizabad railway station to

(a) Delhi

(b) Kolkata

(c) Lucknow

(d) Ahmadabad

Answer: (c) Lucknow

(2) From the water pump the passengers were filing up their

(a) water bottles

(b) earthen pitchers

(c) brass jugs

(d) steel buckets

Answer: (b) earthen pitchers

(3) The gentlemen who came up to the author’s compartment looked like a

(a) businessman

(b) doctor

(c) teacher

(d) postman

Answer: (a) businessman

(4) The prince vendor asked for the bananas was

(a) two annas

(b) four annas

(c) six annas

(d) eight annas

Answer: (a) two annas

(5) The author drew the cartoon of

(a) fruit vendor

(b) monkey

(c) porter

(d) Sethji

Answer: (d) Sethji

Exercise 2 Solution

Answer the following questions within fifteen words:

(1) Where did the young monkeys sit?

Answer: The young monkeys sat on the boughs of neem and tamarind tree.

(2) What did the monkey do to the loin cloth of the pious person?

Answer: The monkeys seized the loincloth of a devout individual as they bathed beneath the water pump and then ascended the neem tree.

(3) What did Sethji’s luggage include ?

Answer: Sethji’s baggage comprises a large steel trunk, numerous small baskets, and a brass jug.

(4) Why, accordingly to the fruit vendor, were the monkeys disturbing the passengers ?

Answer: As per the fruit vendor, the monkeys were causing a disturbance among the passengers due to their hunger.

Exercise 3 Solution

Answer the following questions within twenty-five words:

(1) What was the businessman wearing ?

Answer: The businessman sported a white muslin dhoti, a finely embroidered tunic, and an adorned cap atop his head.

(2) What did the monkey do after accepting the fruit vendor’s bargain ?

Answer: The monkeys grabbed the bananas the fruit vendor gave with his right hand and exchanged them for Sethji’s slightly crumpled embroidered cap with his left hand.

(3) How did the whole amusing episode end?

Answer: Sethji’s unjust behavior left a bitter sense of grievance in the generous-heated fruit vendor, bringing the entire amusing episode to an unfortunate conclusion.

Exercise 4 Solution

Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles and prepositions:

(a) _________________ sun rises in the east.

Answer: The

(b) the dog jumped ____________________ the log.

Answer: over

(c) I love to watch ________________ one-day match.

Answer: a

(d) __________________ a pen, Tiya also has an eraser.

Answer: Besides

Exercise 5 Solution

Change the voice of the following sentences:

(a) Mr. Khan is known to me.

Answer: I know Mr. Khan.

(b) Trina had composed a poem.

Answer: A poem had been composed by Trina.

(c) I will always remember you.

Answer: You will always be remembered by me.

(d) They have made the president of the club.

Answer: He has been made the president of the club by them.

Exercise 6 Solution

Fill in the blanks with appropriate form of the given verbs in brackets:

(a) They ___________ ____________ their puja vacation in the hills. (spend)

Answer: have spent

(b) We ________________ _______________ in this city for over ten years. (live)

Answer: have been living

(c) I _____________ just _________________ reading the book. (finish)

Answer: have, finished

(d) The project ____________ ____________ _____________ by June next year. (complete)

Answer: will be completed

Exercise 7 Solution

Change the mode of narration in the following sentences:

(a) Rahul said, ‘’Alas! Brazil has lost the match.”

Answer: Rahul exclaimed with sorrow that Brazil had lost the match.

(b) “Let us go for a walk,” said Shabnam to Chandni.

Answer: Shabnam suggested Chandni that they should go for a walk.

(c) “Good morning, madam,” said the students to the teacher.

Answer: The students greeted the teacher with good morning.

(d) My father said to me, “Do not pluck flowers.”

Answer: My father advised me not to pluck the flowers.

Exercise 8 Solution

Write a story about 100 words using the given hints. Give a suitable title to the story:


The Bread Brawl

Two hungry cats stumbled upon a tempting piece of bread in the alley. Their stomachs growled, and a fierce fight ensued over the morsel. Just when things seemed dire, a troop of curious monkeys arrived.

The monkeys decided to settle the dispute. One clever monkey broke the bread into two pieces, but they were uneven. Greed took over, and it devoured a chunk from the larger share. The cats’ dispute flared again.

In the end, the monkey, tired of their squabble, ate both pieces. The cats watched in disbelief, learning a valuable lesson about sharing as the monkeys chattered away, victorious.

Exercise 9 Solution

Using the following points write a paragraph in about 100 words on how your locality looks like at dawn:

Answer: My place of stay is a serene haven, and at dawn, it transforms into a breathtaking spectacle. The early morning sky is painted with hues of pastel pinks and soft blues, casting a tranquil spell over everything. Nature awakens gracefully; dew-kissed flowers bloom, and the leaves glisten with morning dew. The melodious chirping of birds fills the air, creating a symphony that resonates with the gentle rustling of leaves. It’s a time when the world feels still and full of promises. The cool, crisp air invigorates the senses, and the sense of peace and solitude brings immense joy. At dawn, my locality is a picture of unparalleled beauty, a place where one can find solace amidst the magic of nature.

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