His First Flight Question Answer – Class 9 English Chapter 8 Solution

West Bengal Board Class 9 English Book Chapter 8 His First Flight Solution – Download WB Board Class 9 English His First Flight Exercise Solution & Activity Question Answer here from English Text Book Bliss. Today students of Class 9 is going to get the solutions of all the questions available on their English Book Chapter 8 which will be very helpful in their upcoming unit test.

His first flight - Class 9 English - chapter 8 solution

Exercise 1 Solution

Tick the correct answer from the given alternatives:

(1) At night the seagull slept in a little

(a) nest

(b) hole

(c) turret

(d) burrow

Answer: (b) hole

(2) The ledge faced the

(a) north

(b) south

(c) east

(d) west

Answer: (b) south

(3) The color of the seagull’s body was

(a) red

(b) black

(c) blue

(d) grey

Answer: (d) grey

(4) The two brothers and sisters of the seagull were lying on the

(a) pain

(b) plateau

(c) valley

(d) hill

Answer: (b) plateau

(5) The mother seagull had picked up a piece of

(a) meat

(b) insect

(c) fish

(d) straw

Answer: (c) fish

Exercise 2 Solution

Answer the following questions within fifteen words:

(a) What was the first catch of the seagull’s older brother ?

Answer: The elder sibling of the seagull made their initial catch with herring.

(b) Why did the seagull feel the heat ?

Answer: The seagull experienced warmth due to not having had a meal since the night before.

(c) What did the seagull dive at the fish ?

Answer: The seagull swooped down towards the fish driven by intense hunger.

(d) What happened when the seagull soared upwards?

Answer: As the seagull ascended into the sky, it emitted a joyful cry and fluttered its wings once more.

Exercise 3 Solution

Answer the following questions within twenty-five words:

(a) why was the seagull afraid when he ran forward to brink of the ledge ?

Answer: As he sprinted toward the edge of the cliff, fear gripped him, dreading the plunge into the ocean beneath, with doubts about whether his wings could bear his weight.

(b) what were the seagull’s two brothers and sister doing on the plateau?

Answer: The seagull’s brother and sister rested on the plateau, peacefully dozing with their heads nestled within their wings.

(c) What happened after the seagull’s feet into the sea ?

Answer: As the seagull’s feet touched the surface of the sea, his belly made contact with the water, and he didn’t sink any deeper. He found himself afloat on the sea at that moment.

Exercise 4 Solution

Change the parts of speech of the given words in the chart:



Exercise 5 Solution

Rewrite the sentences changing the form of the underlined words as directed:

(1) He is known for his honesty. (Change into adjective form)

Answer: He is known for his honest nature.

(2) She spoke with kindness. (Change into adverb form)

Answer: She spoke kindly.

(3) The sun shone brightly. (Change into noun form)

Answer: The sun shone with brightness.

(4) She gave a wise judgement. (Change into verb form)

Answer: She judged wisely.

Exercise 6 Solution

Write a paragraph within 100 words on the water cycle using the following flow-chart:


The water cycle is a cool natural process that helps life on Earth. It starts when the sun heats up water from oceans, rivers, and lakes, making it turn into vapor. This vapor goes up into the sky, where it gets colder and turns into tiny water droplets, making clouds. When the clouds get heavy, the droplets join together and fall back to Earth as rain, snow, or other forms of water. This falling water helps fill up our water sources and gives nutrients to the land, making sure nature can grow well. This process keeps going in a loop, showing how everything in our environment is connected.

Exercise 7 Solution

Write a summary of the following passage within 100 words:


Talking and signalling are things that happen a lot in both people and animals. It can be using words or not using words. For example, blackbirds use nice songs to find a mate and show where their space is. Whales in the sea make special sounds that can travel really far to talk to each other. Animals also use their bodies to say things. For instance, strong hyenas make their fur stand up to show they’re boss, while weaker ones show they’re not a threat by lowering their heads and being friendly. Even bugs, like wasps, use bright colors to tell others they’re dangerous. So, communication is a big part of how living things in nature interact and show feelings.

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