The Hero Question Answer – Class 4 English Chapter 4 Solution

WB Board Class 4 English Chapter 4 The Hero Solution – Read & Download The Hero Class 4 English Question Answer from West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE) Text Book. WB Board Class 4 English Lesson 4 is a Story whose title is “The Hero”. You can download the Solution in PDF format from the Activity Questions of Chapter 4 from the article given below.

The hero - Class 4 English - Chapter 4 Solution

Activity 1 Solution

Complete the following sentences by choosing the most appropriate alternatives :

(i) The writer went to his ____________.
(uncle’s house / father’s house / friend’s house)

Answer: uncle’s house

(ii) During the afternoons, the writer was ____________.
(happy / angry/ bored)

Answer: bored

(iii) The writer,s friend played _______________ every afternoon.
(cricket or hockey/ football or cricket/ football or kabadi)

Answer: football or cricket

(iv) The writer felt that he was very ________________.
(important/ powerful/unimportant)

Answer: unimportant

Activity 2 Solution

What do you think was the ‘miracle’? Discuss with your partner.

Answer: I think the ‘miracle’ was that he got a chance of playing cricket or football.

Activity 3 Solution

Write ‘T’ for True and ‘F’ for False statements in the given boxes:

(a) Apu went to see a football match

Answer: F

(b) The team from Motiganj was last year’s winner

Answer: T

(c) Many people gathered at Burir Math to enjoy the match

Answer: T

(d) Nasir pulled Apu to the playground

Answer: F

Activity 4 Solution

Match column A with column B to make meaningful sentences:


(a) Apu and his cousin must go to Burir math(iii) by 4 o’clock
(b) Apu was anxious(iv) about his role in the match
(c) Nasir hasn’t come(i) because his mother is ill
(d) It’s a matter of prestige(ii) for our village

Activity 5 Solution

Arrange the following sentences in the correct order. Put the numbers in the boxes provided :

(i) I gave a jerk.

Answer: 5

(ii) They caught me easily.

Answer: 2

(iii) I experienced a painful bite.

Answer: 4

(iv) I moved int their part of the ground.

Answer: 1

(v) I felt helpless.

Answer: 3

Activity 6 Solution

Answer the following questions :

(a) How did the opponents play ?

Answer: The opponents played really well.

(b) Why were the supporters losing their hope ?

Answer: The supporters were losing their hope because Motiganj team was close to victory.

(c) When did Apu give a jerk ?

Answer: When Apu felt a serve bite on his right leg, he gave a jerk.

(d) Who won the match for Apu’s team ?

Answer: Apu won the match for Apu his team.

Activity 7(a) Solution

Read the following sentences. Circle the nouns and underline the words that describe the quality or the kind of the noun.

(i) He is a brave boy.

Answer: Noun: boy , Quality or the kind of the noun : brave

(ii) This is a beautiful dress.

Answer: Noun: dress , Quality or the kind of the noun : beautiful

Activity 7(b) Solution

Underline the Qualifying Adjectives in the following sentences :

(a) Today We enjoyed a tasty lunch.

Answer: tasty

(b) I saw an exciting match yesterday.

Answer: exciting

(c) My grandma told me an interesting story.

Answer: interesting

(d) The bright moon shines in the clear sky.

Answer: bright, clear

Activity 7(c) Solution

In the following sentences underline the past forms of the verbs that end with “ed”. Now, circle the past forms of the verbs that are formed by changing letters of the present form.

(a) So I felt myself to be as insignificant as an ant.

Answer: Past Form: felt

(b) The large crowd cheered.

Answer: Past Form: cheered

(c) They caught me easily.

Answer: Past Form: caught

(d) We clapped, we shouted.

Answer: Past Form: clapped , shouted

Activity 7(d) Solution

Pick out the Regular and Irregular Verbs from the following sentences. Write them in the appropriate boxes.

(a) Torsha sang beautifully.

(b) My brother helped me in my studies.

(c) She walked to school every day.

(d) The soldiers fought for their country.

Regular VerbsIrregular Verbs
Answer: HelpedAnswer: sang
Answer: WalkedAnswer: fought

Activity 8(a) Solution

Arrange the letters to form meaningful words.( you will find the words in the text)


Answer: COUSIN







Activity 8(b) Solution

Make sentences of your own with the following words.

Vacation :

Answer: Vacation : We are going on a vacation to the beach this summer.

anxious :

Answer: anxious : I become anxious when I’m running late.

severe :

Answer: severe : The doctor diagnosed her with a severe case of the flu.

jump :

Answer: jump : I like to jump rope for exercise.

Activity 9(a) Solution

Write four sentences on how you celebrate India’s Independence day in your school. Use the following hints:

Answer: In our school, Independence Day is celebrated with active participation from teachers and students. We raise the national flag, engage in patriotic activities like songs and dances, and teachers deliver speeches. The sense of unity and pride during these celebrations always leaves me feeling deeply connected to our nation.

Activity 9(b) Solution

Write four sentences on ‘your Favorite Game’. Use the following hints:

Answer: My favorite game is chess. It’s a strategic board game played between two players. I enjoy it because it challenges my mind, requires critical thinking, and each game is a unique mental battle. The complexity and the need to outsmart my opponent make it truly captivating.

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