A Dream Journey Question Answer – Class 4 English Chapter 7 Solution

WB Board Class 4 English Chapter 7 A Dream Journey Solution – West Bengal Board Class 4 English Lesson 7 Solution download pdf. A Dream Journey Class 4 English Question Answers from Chapter 7 can be found in this page. All Activity Question Answers are given for the Less on 7 of Class 4 English Text Book.

A dream journey question answer - Class 4 English - Chapter 7 Solution

Activity 1 Solution

Complete the following sentences with information from the text:

(a) Jhinuk lives ___________________.

Answer: with her mother in Alipurduar

(b) Alipurduar is a __________________.

Answer: pretty City surrounded by distant hills

(c) One weekend, Jhinuk ___________________.

Answer: was expecting her father to arrive

(d) Jhinuk had her dinner ____________________.

Answer: silently and went to sleep and then she had a strange dream

Activity 2 Solution

“Then she had a strange dream”—-What do you think was “this strange dream”all about? Discuss with your partner.

Answer: I think the strange dream was about the beautiful fairy that came to Jhinuk in her dream and took Jhinuk to visit Kolkata, Eden Gardens, a river, underground trains, Esplanade Metro Station, and College Street with the help of a magic wand.

Activity 3 Solution

Tick(✔) the most appropriate answer from the alternatives given:

(i) The fairy waved a – (a) cloth (b) magic wand (c) paper

Answer: (b) magic wand

(ii) In a moment, Jhinuk found herself in a (a) classroom (b) market place (c) busy road

Answer: (c) busy road

(iii) In another wave of the fairy’s magic wand, Jhinuk saw in front of her a (a) river (b) lake (c) sea

Answer: (a) river

(iv) The fairy wanted to take Jhinuk to (a) Victoria Memorial (b) Eden Gardens (c) Science city.

Answer: (b) Eden Gardens

Activity 4 Solution

Write “T” for true and “F” for false statements in the given boxes:

(a) An old woman visited Jhinuk in her dreams.

Answer: F

(b) Jhinuk found only small buildings in the city.

Answer: F

(c) The fairy waved the magic wand more than once.

Answer: T

(d) Kolkata is a very busy city.

Answer: T

Activity 5 Solution

Match column A with column B:


(i) Jhinuk(b) wanted to see the underground trains
(ii) A familiar voice(c) wakes Jhinuk up
(iii) Jhinuk’s father(d) managed to return home
(iv) People(a) buy old and new books from College Street

Activity 6 Solution

Answer the following questions:

(a) Which metro station did Jhinuk and the fairy enter?

Answer: Jhinuk and the fairy entered the Esplanade Metro Station.

(b) Where did Jhinuk find a road lined with bookshops on either side?

Answer: Jhinuk found a road lined with books shops on either side in College Street.

(c) Why was Jhinuk delighted?

Answer: Jhinuk was delighted to spot her Father in a bookshop.

(d) What did Jhinuk see after waking up?

Answer: After waking up, Jhinuk saw her father smiling before her.

Activity 7(a) Solution

Fill in the blanks with the Present Continuous form of the given verbs:

(a) Samim __________ (draw) a picture.

Answer: is drawing

(b) The boy _________ (climb) a rock.

Answer: is climbing

(c) I _________ (talk) to my friend.

Answer: am talking

(d) They _________ (cross) the desert.

Answer: are crossing

Activity 7(b) Solution

Circle the adverbs in the following sentences:

(a) He ran quickly to the bus stop.

Answer: quickly

(b) The teacher is thinking deeply.

Answer: deeply

(c) The wind is blowing gently.

Answer: gently

(d) I always try to help others.

Answer: always

Activity 8(a) Solution

Match the states with their capitals:


(a) West Bengal(iii) Kolkata
(b) Bihar(i) Patna
(c) Odisha(iv) Bhubaneswar
(d) Assam(ii) Guwahati

Activity 8(b) Solution

Make sentences of your own using the following words:

Anchored : ______________________

Answer: Anchored : Large ships were anchored by the side of the river Ganga.

Wand : ___________________________

Answer: Wand : The fairy waved her glittering magic wand.

Familiar : __________________________

Answer: Familiar : Manti heard a very familiar voice.

City : _____________________________

Answer: City : Kolkata is a big city.

Activity 9(a) Solution

Look at the following table:

(i) The Kolkata portlarge ships
(ii) The Eden Gardensexciting cricket matches
(iii) The College Streetold and new books

Given a choice, which among these three places would you like to visit and why? Write in five sentences.

Answer: Among these three places, I would like to visit Eden Gardens. I am a cricket lover. In Eden Gardens, I will be able to watch different famous cricket players play cricket matches. I will take an autograph from them. Moreover, I will also watch their play so that I can be a good player like them. I also like this place very much.

Activity 9(b) Solution

Suppose you have met a fairy. She waves her magic wand and wants to grant you three wishes. Write five sentences on what you would wish for and why. Use the following hints:

Answer: In a secluded forest glade, I met the enchanting fairy. Overwhelmed with excitement, I would first wish for an end to global hunger, knowing the immense suffering it causes. My second wish would be for a world where clean and renewable energy sources power our future, combating climate change. My final wish would be for the wisdom to use these wishes responsibly, to ensure a brighter and sustainable world for all.

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