The Happy Prince Questions Answers | Maharashtra Board English Class 8 Chapter 2.5 Solution PDF Download

Maharashtra Board “The Happy Prince” Question & Answer Download PDF – Class 8 English Balbharati Chapter 2.5 MCQ & Short Questions Answers.

the happy prince class 8 balbharati english mcq questions answers download solution pdf

(1) Say whether these sentences are true or false and correct the false ones.

(a) The writer of the story is William Blake.

Answer : False.

The writer of the story is Oscar wild.

(b) Everyone admired the statue of the Happy Prince.

Answer : True.

(c) The mother was working, when the Swallow brought the yellow jewel.

Answer : False.

The mother was sleeping when the Swallow brought the red jewel.

(d) The two best things the servants brought to God were gold and jewel stones.

Answer : False

The two best things that servants brought to god were the broken heart and dead bird.

(2) Find from the story the Homophones of the following words (Words that sound, the same, but differ in spellings and meanings).

(a) weak

Answer : Week.

 (b) their

Answer : There.

 (c) blew

Answer : Blue.

 (d) sea

Answer : See.

(e) read

Answer : Red.

(f) waste

Answer : Waist.

(g) know

Answer : No.

(h) knot

Answer : Not.

(i) threw

Answer : Through.

 (j) right

Answer : Write.

(3) Answer the given questions in your own words.

(a) Where was the Happy Prince’s statue located?

Answer : The statue of the Happy Prince stood tall above the city.

(b) Why did the swallow decide to stay under the statue of the Happy Prince at night?

Answer : The swallow chose to remain beneath the statue of the Happy Prince during the night since his friends had departed, and he had lingered for six weeks. Up there, he could enjoy plenty of fresh air.

(c) Why was the Prince sad?

Answer : The prince was saddened by the pervasive unhappiness in his city. Despite his heart being forged from cheap metal, it still felt the ache.

(d) What was the first task given to the Swallow?

Answer : The initial assignment assigned to the swallow was to deliver the red jewel from the prince’s waist to the mother, as the ailing boy was hungry.

(e) To whom did the Prince gift the two gemstones of his eyes?

Answer : The Prince generously gave two gemstones, symbolizing his eyes, to a young writer struggling to finish his work and to a little girl selling eggs, whose eggs had fallen and broken.

(f) What decision did the Swallow finally make? Was it a wise one? Comment.

Answer : The swallow ultimately chose not to journey to Egypt but to stay with the Happy Prince, whom he deeply loved. It might not have been a wise choice, as it was a decision made from the heart.

(g) Why did the Swallow finally decide not to leave the Prince ?

Answer : Because the Happy Prince was now completely blind and unable to act, the swallow decided not to leave him.

(h) What message do you get from this story?

Answer : The message conveyed by this story is that kind-hearted individuals find their place in heaven.

(4) Say whether the underlined are Infinitives / Participles (Present or Past) / Gerunds.

(1) I wish to go to Egypt.

Answer : Infinitive.

(2) They liked his written stories.

Answer : (Past) Participles.

(3) He is trying to finish a story.

Answer : Infinitive.

(4) Suffering is stranger than anything.

Answer : Gerund.

(5) The dying swallow fell at his feet.

Answer : (Present) Participle.

(6) He began to cry.

Answer : Infinitive.

(7) He watched the working seamen.

Answer : (Present) Participle.

(5) Write the following dialogues from the story in the Indirect Speech.

(a) ‘Who are you?’ asked the bird. ‘I am the Happy Prince.’ ‘Then why are you crying? I am wet with your tears.’

Answer : The bird ask the happy prince who he was. When he replied the bird why he was crying and told him that he was wet with his tear.

(b) The Happy Prince looked very sad, and the little Swallow was sorry for him. ‘It is very cold here,’ he said ‘but I will stay with you for one night. Tomorrow I will take the jewel.’ ‘Thank you, little bird,’ said the prince.

Answer : The happy prince looked very sad, and the little swallow was sorry for him. He said that it was very cold there but he would stay with him for one night. The next day he would take the jewel.

(c) ‘Little bird, little bird,’ said the prince, ‘please will you stay with me for one more night?’ ‘My friends are waiting for me,’ answered the bird.

Answer : The prince pleaded with the little bird to stay with him for one more night the bird replied that his friend were waiting for him.

(d) Under a bridge, two little boys were lying close together to keep warm. ‘We are so hungry!’ they said. ‘You cannot lie there!’ shouted a guard.

Answer : Under a bridge two little boys were lying close together to keep worm. They said that they were very hungry but the guard shouted that they could not lie there.

(e) ‘Goodbye, dear prince!’ he said. ‘I am glad that you are going to Egypt,’ said the prince. ‘You have stayed too long.‘I am not going to Egypt,’ said the Swallow. ‘I am going to the House of God’

Answer : The swallow said goodbye to the king and the prince replied that he is glad that he is going to Egypt and told that he had stay to long, the swallow replied he is not going to Egypt and told that he is going to the house of god.

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