The Happy Prince Question Answer – Class 8 English Chapter 8 Solution

WB Board Class 8 English Chapter 8 The Happy Prince Activity Solution: West Bengal Bengali Medium WBBSE Board Textbook Blossoms Class 8 The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde Solution is given below. Read all the question answers from Objective to Broad Questions for Class 8 Lesson 8 from Activity 1 to Activity 10.

Class 8 English Chapter 8 Solution - The Happy Prince WB Board

Activity – 1 Solution

Rearrange the following sentences in the correct order and put the numbers in the given boxes:

(1) All the friends of the Swallow had left for warm Egypt.

Answer: 3

(2) The Happy Prince asked the Swallow to take the ruby out of his sword-hilt.

Answer: 6

(3) The Swallow took shelter beneath the statue of the Happy Prince.

Answer: 4

(4) The woman’s son was suffering from fever.

Answer: 5

(5) The Happy Prince lived in the wonderful palace of Sans-Souci.

Answer: 1

(6) The town built the statue of the Happy Prince.

Answer: 2

Activity – 2 Solution

Complete the following sentences with information from the text:

(a) The young mother told her child not to cry because _______________________ .

Answer: the Happy Prince never cries for new things.

(b) The Swallow took shelter beneath the statue of Happy Prince because ____________________ .

Answer: he wanted to protect himself from the cold of that night.

(c) The Swallow mistook _____________________ for rain.

Answer: the tears of the Happy Prince.

(d) The statue of the Happy Prince could see ____________________ .

Answer: the poor people and all the ugly things in his land.

Activity – 3 Solution

Answer the following question:

Why does the Swallow think that the statue of the Happy Prince has ‘ a golden heart’?

Answer: The Swallow learned that the Happy Prince cared about people who were suffering and poor.

Activity – 4 Solution

Write “T” for true and “F” for false statements in the given boxes. Give supporting statements for each of your answers:

(a) The Swallow didn’t want to help the Happy Prince.

Answer: F

Supporting Statement: Swallow: I will help you.

(b) The Happy Prince wanted to leave for Egypt.

Answer: F

Supporting Statement: Swallow: I will leave for Egypt tonight.

(c) The Happy Prince asked the Swallow to take a sapphire from one of his eyes to the playwright.

Answer: T

Supporting Statement: Statue: Little Swallow take one of my sapphire eyes and give it to him.

(d) The girl in the Town Square had no shoes.

Answer: T

Supporting Statement: Statue: She has no shoes.

Activity – 5 Solution

Answer the following questions:

(a) Why did the Swallow agree to help the Happy Prince?

Answer: The Swallow sympathized with the Happy Prince, and he couldn’t refuse people.

(b) Why did the Swallow feel warm?

Answer: The Swallow performed a kind act to assist someone.

(c) What made the playwright say, ‘Now I can finish my play’?

Answer: The playwright had to stop writing because of hunger. But, after getting the sapphire from the Swallow, he had the money to support himself. As a result, the playwright said the following words.

Activity – 6 Solution

Fill in the following chart with information from the text:

(i) Answer: The Swallow drops the sapphire into the girl’s hand.The little girl was happy
(ii) Answer: The Happy Prince became blind.Though it was cold, the swallow stayed on with the Happy Prince
(iii) The Swallow told the Happy Prince that it saw many unhappy and unfed people.Answer: The Happy Prince told the Swallow to take all the gold from his body and give it away to those poor people.
(iv) The Mayor didn’t find the statue beautiful anymore.Answer: He ordered to take the statue away and melt it in the furnace.

Activity – 7 Solution

Answer the following questions:

(a) What new law did the Mayor propose?

Answer: The Mayor suggested a rule that states birds shouldn’t die in the town square or near the statue of Happy Prince.

(b) Why did the Mayor and the Town Councillors think the statue of the Happy Prince was not beautiful any more?

Answer: The Mayor and the Town Councillors thought the Happy Prince statue wasn’t as beautiful anymore because it didn’t have the Ruby on its sword, the sapphire in its eyes, and the golden dress it used to wear.

(c) Where was the Happy Prince taken?

Answer: They brought the Happy Prince to the furnace to be melted.

(d) Why did the Mayor and the councilors want statues of themselves?

Answer: The Mayor and the Councillors wished to earn the same respect from the people that the common folks gave to the Happy Prince.

Activity – 8(a) Solution

Read the following pairs of sentences and write down the changes that have taken place under the appropriate heads in the tables given below. The first one is done for you.

(i) The child said , “I am going home.”

The child said that he was going home .

SubjectVerbsWordspunctuation Marks
Direct Speechi(a)Iamgoing homeinverted commas
Indirect Speechi(b)hewasno changeno inverted commas

(ii) He said to me, “yesterday was a holiday.”

He told me that the previous day had been a holiday.

SubjectVerbsWordspunctuation Marks
Direct Speechi(a)Answer: HeAnswer: wasAnswer: YesterdayAnswer: Inverted commas
Indirect Speechi(b)Answer: HeAnswer: had beenAnswer: the previous dayAnswer: No inverted commas

(iii) The teacher said to the students, “Tomorrow we will go to the museum.”

The teacher told her students that they would go to the museum the next day.

SubjectVerbsWordspunctuation Marks
Direct Speechi(a)Answer: WeAnswer: Will goAnswer: To the museumAnswer: Inverted commas
Indirect Speechi(b)Answer: TheyAnswer: Would goAnswer: To the museum the next dayAnswer: No inverted commas

Activity – 8(b) Solution

Change the following sentences from Direct to Indirect Speech:

(i) The Swallow said to the statue, “I am staying with you.”

Answer: The Swallow told the statue that he was staying with him.

(ii) My mother said to me, “Please wait for me here.”

Answer: My mother requested me to wait for her there.

(iii) Raja said, “Oh! How cold the wind is!”

Answer: Raja exclaimed that the wind was very cold.

(iv) The old man said to the little girl, “May God bless you.”

Answer: The old man prayed that the God might bless the little girl.

(v) The man said to him, “Go away.”

Answer: The man told him to go away.

Activity – 9 Solution

Write down the antonyms of the underlined words :

(a) The Swallow will sing forever.

Answer: Never

(b) The actor enters the stage.

Answer: exits

(c) The student laughed aloud.

Answer: cried

(d) I can see all the beautiful things in my land.

Answer: ugly

Activity – 10(a) Solution

Write an imaginary dialogue in about eighty words between two birds in winter, one of whom is flying away to a warm country and the other who is stuck in a cold land.


Bird 1: Hey, my friend, I’m going to the warm south! Winter here is unbearable.

Bird 2: You are very lucky! I envy your escape. I’ll endure another chilly season alone.

Bird 1: Don’t worry, I’ll bring back stories and sunshine when I return here. Until then, take care and stay warm!

Bird 2: Safe travels! I’ll eagerly await your return, dreaming of warmer days.

Activity – 10(b) Solution

Recently you gave up your seat in a crowded bus to an old, ailing person. Write a letter in about eighty words to your friend describing how you felt after having helped the person.


Dear Mithi,

I just wanted to share a heartwarming experience with you. Today, I gave up my seat on a crowded bus to an elderly and ailing person. The look of gratitude in their eyes filled me with an indescribable sense of joy and warmth. It’s amazing how a small act of kindness can brighten your day. It reminded me of the power of compassion. I hope this story inspires you as it did me.

Your loving friend,

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