The Clever Monkey Question Answer – Class 5 English Chapter 6 Solution

West Bengal Board Class 5 English Book Chapter 6 The Clever Monkey Solution – The Clever Monkey Class 5 Solution from WBBSE WB Bengali Medium Board English Lesson 6 is given below. Find the Class 5 Chapter 6 The Clever Monkey Activity Questions Answers for your upcoming exam.

The Clever Monkey - Class 5 English - Chapter 6 Solution

Activity 1 Solution

Answer the following questions :

(a) Where did the monkey live?

Answer: The monkey lived on the bank of the river.

(b) Why was there no danger for the monkey on the river island?

Answer: The monkey was safe as there were scarcely any other animals on the river island, posing no threat.

(c) What was so attractive to the monkey?

Answer: The delicious fruits were very attractive to the monkey.

(d) Where did the crocodile live?

Answer: The crocodile lived on the far bank of the river.

(e) Who gave advice to the crocodile about catching the monkey?

Answer: The crocodile’s wife gave advice to the crocodile.

Activity 2 Solution

Let’s take words from the box and fill in the blanks:

(a) The trees on the island had ____________ fruits.

Answer: tasty

(b) The monkey found that crossing the river was not very _______________.

Answer: difficult

(c) The crocodile made many ____________ to catch the monkey.

Answer: plans

(d) The crocodile would lie _______________ on the rock.

Answer: still

(e) The wife of the crocodile wished to taste the _____________ of the monkey.

Answer: flesh

Activity 3 Solution

Let’s match the words in column A with their meanings in column B:


uniqueone of its kind
islanda piece of land with water on all sides
stillnot moving at all

Activity 4 Solution

Write ‘T’ for True and ‘F’ for False statements in the given boxes :

(a) The crocodile found that catching the monkey was the difficult job.

Answer: T

(b) The rock always talked to the monkey.

Answer: F

(c) The monkey jumped straight into the crocodile’s open mouth.

Answer: F

(d) The monkey returned to his home safety.

Answer: T

(e) The monkey was more clever than the crocodile.

Answer: T

Activity 5 Solution

Complete the following sentences with information from the text:

(a) The crocodile kept his head and tail ___________________.

Answer: under water

(b) After having a good meal, the monkey ___________________.

Answer: decided to return

(c) The crocodile thought that he should speak to the monkey as the rock because ___________________.

Answer: might suspect something

(d) The monkey observed that every time the crocodile opened his mouth ______________________.

Answer: his eyes would shut completely

(e) The monkey had his home ____________________.

Answer: upon a riverside tree

(f) The crocodile was bigger in size and was also ____________________.

Answer: a bigger fool

Activity 6 Solution

Answer the following questions:

(a) Who swam to the rock?

Answer: The crocodile swam to the rock.

(b) Why did the monkey become suspicious?

Answer: The monkey became suspicious because the rock was so large that day.

(c) What was the monkey’s suggestion to the crocodile?

Answer: The suggestion to the crocodile was to open his mouth wide and he would jump straight into his mouth.

(d) What did the monkey tell the crocodile from his safe shelter?

Answer: From the safety of his shelter, the monkey taunted the crocodile, saying, “You foolish crocodile! You can never catch me. Although you may be bigger than me, you’re also a bigger fool!”

Activity 7 Solution

Fill in the blanks with words from the story . The first letters of the words are given :

(a) The crocodile n_____________ the monkey crossing the river.

Answer: noticed

(b) The monkey always e____________ from the crocodile’s clutches.

Answer: escaped

(c) The monkey thought that the crocodile was playing a t____________ once more.

Answer: escaped

(d) The crocodile could not r______________ the clever monkey’s plan.

Answer: realize

(e) From his safe home, the monkey called the crocodile a f___________________.

Answer: fool

Activity 8 Solution

Replace the underlined words with their opposites from the box:

(a) Can you see the small tree?

Answer: huge

(b) This medicine tastes bitter.

Answer: sweet

(c) Last year the English question paper was easy.

Answer: difficult

(d) Sunita never feels nervous before an examination.

Answer: always

(e) I am carrying a light load.

Answer: heavy

(f) The boy has curly hair.

Answer: straight

Activity 9 Solution

Let’s match the two sides:


Short formFull form
We’llWe will
I’mI am
She’sShe is
Didn’tDid not
Weren’tWere not
You’veYou have
Won’tWill not

Activity 10 Solution

Now read in the pairs the following passage and underline the preposition there. One is done for you.

Answer: The farmer took a sharp axe and struck at the trunk of the tree. All the creatures living in the tree started to request the farmer not to cut down the tree. But the framer didn’t listen to them. He was in hurry to finish off his work.

Activity 11 Solution

Let’s fill in the blanks with the prepositions given in the box:

(a) The boy is looking _____________ me.

Answer: at

(b) Give this letter _______________ your class teacher.

Answer: to

(c) Put the duster ________________ the table.

Answer: on

(d) Fish lives __________________ water.

Answer: in

(e) Put _________________ the light.

Answer: off

(f) I go _________________ school everyday.

Answer: to

Activity 12 Solution

Read the following sentences. Circle the subject and underline the predicate. One is done for you :

(a) Days passed.

(b) The rock never talked to the monkey.

(c) Here comes the goalkeeper.

(d) Every evening mother cooks food for us.

(e) Rohan plays cricket for a local club.

(f) How big is the tree!

(g) I don’t know his full name.


Subject Predicate
The rocknever talked to the monkey
the goalkeeperHere comes
motherEvery evening cooks food for us
Rohanplays cricket for a local club
the treeHow big is
Idon’t know his full name

Activity 13 Solution

Let’s write a short story in eight sentences with the following hints. Give it a title.


The Well-Planned Escape

Once upon a time, in a village, a fox accidentally fell into a deep well. Despite its clever attempts, the fox found itself trapped. A curious goat was wandering at the time beside the well.

Seeing the opportunity, the fox asked the goat to drink water from the well. The goat, trusting the fox’s words, jumped into the well. The fox then climbed onto the goat’s back and got out.

The goat was left behind by the clever fox. The villagers later discovered the trapped goat.

Solutions from the Activity Questions from the end of the The Clever Monkey Story from Chapter 6 have been prepared by our experienced English Teachers. Hope you have liked the questions answers.

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