The Bird’s Eye Question Answer – Class 5 English Chapter 9 Solution

WB Board Class 5 English Book Chapter 9 The Bird’s Eye Solution – West Bengal Board The Bird’s Eye Class 5 Questions Answers from WBBSE English Text Book is provided in the article below. The Birds’s Eye Activity Question Answer will help you in your exams.

The Bird's Eye - Class 5 English - Chapter 9 Solution

Activity 1 Solution

Let’s tick the correct answer:

1. Dronacharya arranged a test to

(a) decide the best archer among all.

(b) decide who is the most intelligent boy amongst all.

(c) decide the most disobedient boy amongst all.

Answer: (a) decide the best archer among all.

2. The Kauravas were

(a) five brothers.

(b) fifty one brothers.

(c) a hundred brothers.

Answer: (c) a hundred brothers.

3. Nakul and Sahadeva were most comfortable with

(a) bows and arrows.

(b) swords.

(c) spears.

Answer: (b) swords.

4. “I can see only the eye of the birds,” said –

(a) Dronacharya.

(b) Dushasana.

(c) Arjuna.

Answer: (c) Arjuna.

5. All the children gathered in the woodland near

(a) a small hut where Guru Dronacharya lived.

(b) a pond where a crane lived.

(c) a palace where their parents lived.

Answer: (a) a small hut where Guru Dronacharya lived.

6. Duryodhana was

(a) the eldest brother of the Pandavas.

(b) the eldest brother of the Kauravas.

(c) the youngest brother of the Kauravas.

Answer: (b) the eldest brother of the Kauravas.

7. Ultimately the test revealed that

(a) Arjuna was the best archer.

(b) Arjuna was the most clever student,

(c) Arjuna was not at all a good archer.

Answer: (a) Arjuna was the best archer.

Activity 2 Solution

Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false statements in the given boxes :

(a) Dronacharya was one of the greatest poets of his time.

Answer: F

(b) The bird was made of paper.

Answer: F

(c) Dronacharya was a disciple of Parasurama.

Answer: T

(d) Dronacharya was not pleased with Arjuna’s concentration.

Answer: F

(e) Yudhisthira was very obedient to his Guru.

Answer: T

(f) All the children were learning various skills happily.

Answer: T

Activity 3 Solution

Fill in the chart with information from the text . One is done for you :

Name of the princeHis favorite weapon
Answer: 1. Duryodhana
Answer: 2. Bhima
Answer: 1. Nakula
Answer: 2. Sahadeva
ArjunaAnswer: Archer

Activity 4 Solution

Let’s answer the following Questions:

(1) Who was the Guru of Dronacharya?

Answer: Parasuram was the Guru of Dronacharya.

(2) Where was the bird placed?

Answer: The bird was placed on the far-off tree.

(3) What did Yudhisthira see?

Answer: Yudhisthira saw his Gurudev, the tree, people around him and the bird.

(4) Why did Dronacharya like Arjuna the most?

Answer: Dronacharya liked Arjuna the most because Arjuna practised the art with great concentration.

(5) What is most Important in hitting a target?

Answer: The most important in hitting a target is immense concentration.

Activity 5 Solution

Write the opposite of the following words.

(1) dark –

Answer: Bright

(2) Sad –

Answer: Glad

(3) Never –

Answer: Always

(4) Worst –

Answer: Best

(5) Everything –

Answer: Nothing

(6) Invisible –

Answer: Visible

Activity 6 Solution

Match the words in column A with their meaning in column B:


Disciples Students
SilencedKept quiet

Activity 7 Solution

Let’s fill in the gaps with words given in the box:

ready, surprised, fierce, invited, please

(1) We were _______________ to hear the sad news.

Answer: We were surprised to hear the sad news.

(2) The players are _____________ for the game.

Answer: The players are ready for the game.

(3) Always try to keep yourself away from _______________ animals.

Answer: Always try to keep yourself away from fierce animals.

(4) ________________ give me a glass of water.

Answer: Please give me a glass of water.

(5) Renuka ______________ all her friends on her 10th birthday.

Answer: Renuka invited all her friends on her 10th birthday.

Activity 8 Solution

Let’s write ‘a’ or ‘an’ or ‘the’ in the boxes below:

(1) He always speaks ____________ truth.

Answer: He always speaks the truth.

(2) Nila has seen ___________ Tajmahal.

Answer: Nila has seen the Tajmahal.

(3) Mr. Sen is ___________ honest man.

Answer: Mr. Sen is an honest man.

(4) Amal is drawing _________ map of India.

Answer: Amal is drawing the map of India.

(5) __________ Ganga is a holy river.

Answer: The Ganga is a holy river.

(6) Have you seen ___________ owl?

Answer: Have you seen an owl?

(7) Grandfather gave me ____________ doll.

Answer: Grandfather gave me a doll.

Activity 9 Solution

Let’s look at the picture below:

Class 5 English lesson 9 picture

Let’s fill in the blanks with words from the box and describe the room:

(1) There is a table _______ the centre of the room.

Answer: There is a table at the centre of the room.

(2) There is a vase ________ the table.

Answer: There is a vase on the table.

(3) Some flowers are _________ the vase.

Answer: Some flowers are in the vase.

(4) A dog is lying _______ the table.

Answer: A dog is lying under the table.

(5) A fan is hanging _______ the ceiling.

Answer: A fan is hanging from the ceiling.

(6) A book shelf is _________ the door.

Answer: A book shelf is beside the door.

(7) A cat is walking _________ the room.

Answer: A cat is walking into the room.

from, in, under, into, beside, on, at

Activity 10 Solution

Some words are given below. Let’s put a tick beside those words which are adverbs:

  • (1) Silently
  • (2) Now
  • (3) Remember
  • (4) Soon
  • (5) Aim
  • (6) Only
  • (7) Loud
  • (8) Near
  • (9) Try
  • (10) Exactly

Answer: Silently, Now, Soon, Only, Near, Exactly.

Activity 11 Solution

Fill in the blanks with the adverbs given below:

very, never, always, carefully, bravely, honestly, near

(1) We opened the lid of the box __________________.

Answer: We opened the lid of the box carefully.

(2) The man was ___________ poor. But he lived ______________.

Answer: The man was very poor. But he lived honestly.

(3) We should ____________ try to help others.

Answer: We should always try to help others.

(4) Yesterday there was an accident ____________ Renu’s house.

Answer: Yesterday there was an accident near Renu’s house.

(5) Soldiers fight _______________ for their county.

Answer: Soldiers fight bravely for their county.

(6) I ___________ went to zoo.

Answer:never went to zoo.

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