The Bees Question Answer | Maharashtra Board Class 8 Chapter 4.3 English Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 8 English Balbharati Solution Chapter 4.3 The Bees Question Answer

(1) Honey-bees live an organized life like human beings. Discuss what work the following honey-bees do, as per the poem. Write it down in your own words, in your notebook.

Answer :

(a) King / Emperor bee:-

The King Bee oversees the construction of the beehive, exercising his royal authority over the kingdom. He determines the division of labor within the hive and meticulously plans all its activities.

 (b) Magistrate bees:-

Certain bees serve as magistrate bees within the hive, ensuring everything is in order. They oversee the entire work procedure.

(c) Merchant bees:-

Merchant bees operate akin to businessmen. They venture out of the hive, taking on new projects and completing them despite the inherent risks involved.

(d) Soldier bees:-

Some bees function as soldiers, hence they are referred to as soldier bees. They wield stingers during their duties or when confronted with challenges. They gather velvet buds for crafting their boots and also collect nectar. Once their tasks are complete, they return home with a triumphant march, delivering their bounty to the royal chambers of the emperor.

(e) Civilian bees:-

While bees gather nectar from flowers, civilian bees transform it into honey. They diligently perform all the necessary tasks, including the kneading process to create honey.

(f) Porter bees:-

Some bees, known as porter bees, serve as guards, diligently ensuring that only essential items enter their hive. These industrious porter bees strive to prevent the entry of any unnecessary heavy burdens, thus safeguarding the integrity of their hive.

(g) Judge bee:-

Judge bees serve as guardians, exhibiting both age and maturity. They administer punishment to those who shirk their duties, functioning akin to judges within the hive. Dispensing justice among all bees, they particularly hold lazy individuals accountable, delivering reprimands through their distinctive hums.

(3) (A) Complete the phrases using words from the poem.

(i) …… march

Answer : Merry.

(ii) ….. tent

Answer : Royal.

(iii) … masons 

Answer : The singing.

 (iv) …. porters

Answer : The poor mechanic.

(v) …. burdens

Answer : Heavy.

(vi) …. executors

Answer : Delivering over to.

(B) (i) Find any two Alliterative lines.

Answer :

(i) Which pillage they with merry march bring home.

(ii) The civil citizens kneading up the honey.

 (ii) Pick out the line that contains an Onomatopoetic word.

Answer : Who busied in his magestly, surveys.

(C) Pick out three lines that create an image in your mind of bees, busy at work.

Answer :

(i) Make boot upon the summer’s velvet buds.

(ii) The singing masons building roofs of gold.

(iii) The civil citizens kneading up the honey.

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