Taste of Bengal Question Answer – Class 4 English Chapter 3 Solution

WB Primary Board Class 4 English Chapter 3 Taste of Bengal Question Answer – West Bengal Board Class 4 English Solution of Chapter 3 is given here. Taste of Bengal Class 4 Lesson 3 Solution along with Extra Questions will help in your upcoming exam. WB Board Class 4 English Chapter 3 Activity Solutions are given in English Language and we think it will be beneficial for your upcoming unit test exam.

Taste of Bengal - Class 4 English - Chapter 3 Solution

Activity 1 Solution

Complete the following sentences with information from the text:

(a) Gogol visited Kolkata ______________.

Answer: one summer with his parents

(b) Gogol taught his cousins ___________________.

Answer: to play badminton

(c) Gogol was delighted to learn ___________________.

Answerludo and carrom from them

(d) ______________ quickly developed among the cousins.

Answer: A warm relationship

Activity 2 Solution

“Gogol was enjoying its summer holidays, except for one thing” — what do you think was this one “thing”? Discuss with your partner.

Answer: I think this one thing was the “Bengali Food and Its Taste”. Gogol did not like the food he was eating. At home, he mostly ate dry meat, eggs, or bread and he was not particularly fond of rice, roti, or doll.

Activity 3 Solution

Tick ( ✔) the most appropriate answers from the alternatives given:

(a) Gogol was not particularly fond of (i) eggs (ii) rice (iii) meat.

Answer: (ii) rice

(b) Gogol had spent (i) a month (ii) a day (iii) a week in his cousin’s home.

Answer: (iii) a week in his cousin’s home

(c) Rivu’s father plans a tour to (i) Joynagar (ii) Shyamnagar (iii) Krishnanagar.

Answer: (i) Joynagar

(d) Grandma had (i) black (ii) white (iii) brown hair.

Answer: (ii) white

Activity 4 Solution

Write “T” for True and “F” for False statements in the given boxes:

(a) Gogol did not try any Bengali dishes at his cousin’s house.

Answer: F

(b) Rivu and Gouri liked the test of Hilsa fish.

Answer: T

(c) Gogol saw a lot of green in Jayanagar.

Answer: T

(d) Gogol’s grandmother did not welcome them.

Answer: F

Activity 5 Solution

Match column A with column B:


(i) Grandma(c) had prepared hot luchis and potato curry.
(ii) Gogol(a) found the food very tasty.
(iii) The Children(d) heard stories told by Grandma.
(iv) The Family(b) returned to Kolkata in the evening.

Activity 6 Solution

Answer the following questions :

(a) What did the children do after having breakfast?

Answer: Having breakfast, the children played in the courtyard.

(b) What did Gogol have for lunch ?

Answer: Gogol had rice and rohu curry with rosogollas and sweet curd for lunch.

(c) How did the children enjoy the evening ?

Answer: The children enjoyed the evening hearing stories from their Grandma and eating peyajis – onion pakoras, a favorite Bengali snake. 

(d) Why was the day unforgettable Gogol ?

Answer: The day was unforgettable for Gogol because he realized one important thing about Bengali food that the taste of Bengal was closely related to love and care.

Activity 7(a) Solution

Circle the Proper Noun in the following passage:

Answer: India is our motherland. We have the Himalayas in the North and the Indian Ocean in the South. The Bay of Bengal lies in the East and the Arabian Sea in the West. New Delhi is the capital of our country.

Activity 7(b) Solution

Fill in the blanks with Pronouns:

(i) Ravi is a good boy. ________ studies in class IV.

Answer: He

(ii) People were happy. ________ were shouting in joy.

Answer: They

(iii) Salma is a young girl. __________draws very well.

Answer: She

(iv) I read a book yesterday. I liked ___________very much.

Answer: it

Activity 7(c) Solution

Pick the Proper Nouns and Pronouns in the following message and place them in the correct columns:

There are many famous tourist spots in West Bengal. The Sunderbans, Santiniketan and Jaldapara are some of them. Many people visit these places during vacations. They enjoy their stay at these places. I have visited the Sunderbans. It is a beautiful place.


Proper NounsPronouns
West BengalThem
The SundarbansThese

Activity 8(a) Solution

Circle the following words in the table. One is done for you :


Class 4 English chapter 3 solution puzzle



Activity 8(b) Solution

Change the Number of the underlined words and rewrite them correctly.

She has nice pen.

Answer: pens

(a) I collected a leaf for my project work.

Answer: leaves

(b) He saw butterfly.

Answer: butterflies

(c) I saw an ox.

Answer: oxen

Activity 9(a) Solution

Write four sentences on your favorite food items. Use the following hints.

Answer: My favorite food item is Chicken Biriyani. It is very delicious to taste. Its color is yellowish-red and it contains meat, salad, raita, etc. I enjoy it with my heart’s content once a week.

Activity 9(b) Solution

Suppose you live in a beautiful village. Describe the village and its surroundings in four sentences. Use the following hints.

Answer: I live in a beautiful village, Huslurdanga. It is situated in the district of Jalpaiguri. This village is full of natural beauty. It is surrounded by hills in the north and a river in the south. People in this village are very helpful and they live here peacefully.

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