Santiniketan Question Answer – Class 4 English Chapter 10 Solution

WB Board Class 4 English Text Book Chapter 10 Santiniketan Solution – WB Primary Board Chapter 10 Class 4 English Question Answer Read Here. Santiniketan Question Answer from Class 4 English West Bengal Board is prepared in this post by our experienced teachers. Free Download the Class 4 English Lesson 10 Study Materials from this post.

Santiniketan - Class 4 English - Chapter 10 Solution

Activity 1 Solution

Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false statements in the boxes provided:

(a) A storm was blowing.

Answer: F

(b) Shantiniketan is reminded of the old days.

Answer: T

(c) The house Punoscho stands by a copse of Banyan trees.

Answer: F

(d) Earlier there was only empty land around Shantiniketan.

Answer: T

Activity 2 Solution

“But they can talk to one another like human beings”. Discuss with your partner how two houses can speak with each other.

Answer: The two houses can speak with each other with the help of winds because the wind carries their words.

Activity 3 Solution

Complete the following sentences with words from the text:

(a) Deholi is now __________________.

Answer: a children’s house

(b) Prayer house is made of _________________.

Answer: colored glass

(c) Amrokunja is a ______________.

Answer: mango orchard

(d) Prayer house had lost _____________________.

Answer: five towers in a storm

Activity 4 Solution

Fill in the following table:

Said by whom?Statement 
(a) Answer: Santiniketan (i) I came up in 1863. 
(b) Answer: Prayer House(ii) There were no electricity or motor cars then. 
(c) Answer: Amrakunjo (iii) Rabindranath sat among my trees and wrote poems. 
(d) Answer: Shyamoli (iv) There are beautifully carved figures on my walls.

Activity 5 Solution

Arrange the following sentences in their proper order. Put the number in the boxes given:

(a) There is a song and poetry-reading evening at Amrakunja.

Answer: 3

(b) Santiniketan will remain the same. 

Answer: 5

(c) Santiniketan is a great center of education. 

Answer: 4

(d) A rehearsal for drama takes place at night. 

Answer: 2

(e) The bell rings at Singhasadan. 

Answer: 1

Activity 6 Solution

Answer the following questions:

(a) Why are the students sitting in the open air?

Answer: The students are sitting in the open air as if the earth is their classroom and the sky is their roof.

(b) What will ring for future generations?

Answer: The bell at Singhasadan will ring for future generations.

(c) How is the courtyard of Punascho used?

Answer: The courtyard of Punoscho is used for a rehearsal of a drama that will take place “tonight”.

(d) What is Santiniketan also famous for?

Answer: Santiniketan is famous as it is a great center of education, and it is also a land of fun and friendship.

Activity 7(a) Solution

Fill in the blanks with suitable Adverbs given in the Help Box:

(a) Soldiers fight __________ for their country.

Answer: bravely

(b) I go to school ___________ in the morning.

Answer: daily

(c) We should get up ____________.

Answer: early

(d) The sun shines ____________.

Answer: brightly

Activity 7(b) Solution

Read the following passage. Pick out the Regular and Irregular Verbs and fill in the given table accordingly:

Rakhi got up early in the morning and washed her face. She took her breakfast at 8 a.m. and went to school at 10 a.m. At school, she studied hard. During her lunch break, she played with her friends. She came back home at 4 p.m.

Regular VerbsIrregular Verbs
(a) Answer: washed (a) Answer: took
(b) Answer: studied (b) Answer:  went 
(c) Answer: played (c) Answer: came 
(d) Answer: got 

Activity 7(c) Solution

Fill in the blanks with the Present Continuous Tense of the verbs given in the brackets:

(i) Ravi _________(read) a book in his room.

Answer: is reading

(ii)  I  _________ (learn) to speak English well.

Answer: am learning

(iii) The boys _________ (have) their lunch.

Answer: are having

(iv) The children ___________ (listen) to a story.

Answer: are listeningActivity 8(a) Solution

Fill in the blanks with words from the Help box:

(a) I clearly _________ my first day in school.

Answer: remember

(b) __________ pots keep the water cool.

Answer: Earthen

(c) There is an __________ land in front of my house.

Answer: empty

(d) Children love to play with ____________ balls.

Answer: soft

Activity 8(b) Solution

Make sentences of your own using the following words:

conversation: _______________________

Answer: conversation: I had a delightful conversation with my friend last night.

electricity: ____________________________

Answer: electricity: Electricity powers our homes and keeps our lights on.

rehearsal: ______________________________

Answer: rehearsal: We need to schedule a rehearsal to practice for the concert.

sunlight: _________________________________

Answer: sunlight: We enjoyed a picnic in the park, basking in the sunlight.

Activity 9(a) Solution

Suppose you went to Santiniketan last weekend with your parents. You saw an open-air classroom there for the first time. Write five sentences about your experience. Use the following hints:

Answer: During our visit to Santiniketan last weekend, I came across an open-air classroom for the first time. It was a fascinating sight to see students sitting under the cool shade of trees, surrounded by nature. The closeness to nature was truly remarkable and made the learning environment feel serene and harmonious. The difference between this outdoor classroom and the typical indoor ones I’m used to was striking; it made me appreciate the unique approach to education embraced in Santiniketan. Witnessing this open-air classroom left me inspired and thinking about the positive impact such a setting could have on students.

Activity 9(b) Solution

Who is your best friend? Describe her/him in a paragraph of five sentences. Use the following hints:


My Best Friend

My best friend is Sarah. We first met in elementary school when we were both in the same class. She’s my best friend because we’ve shared countless experiences and supported each other through thick and thin. Sarah’s always there to lend a listening ear and offer a helping hand when I need it most. Her sense of humor and kindness make every moment we spend together a joy, and I can trust her with anything. Sarah’s been a constant presence in my life, and I’m grateful to have such a wonderful friend.

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