Sanjay the Brave Boy Question Answer | UP Board Class 7 Chapter 3 Solutions

Sanjay The Brave Boy Class 7 Question Answer – Download UP Board Class 7th Lesson 3 Exercise Question Solution:

Uttar Pradesh State Board English Text Book “Rainbow” Chapter 3 Question & Answer for Comprehension Questions, Word Power, Language Practice and other topics are prepared by our experienced teachers and given in this page. You can download the solution and get the answers in PDF format from the article.

Comprehension Questions Solution

Question 1.

Answer the following questions:

(1) Why did Sanjay always try to avoid people?

Answer : Sanjay consistently sensed that people glanced at his leg and chuckled at his gait, prompting him to steer clear of social interactions.

(2) How did mother help Sanjay in building up his self-confidence?

Answer : Sanjay’s mother encouraged him not to lose hope and to be friendly towards everyone. She instilled in him the belief that one day, he would be admired by all.

(3) What did Sanjay do when he saw a girl drowning in the canal?

Answer : Sanjay extended his crutch to the drowning girl, grasped her hand firmly, and exerted all his strength to draw her to safety on the bank.

(4) How did the students behave with Sanjay after he rescued Rita?

Answer : The students formed a line and applauded him. Each one eagerly sought the opportunity to converse and shake hands with Sanjay.

Question 2.

Who said these and to whom:

(1) “You are getting late.”

Answer : Mother said to Saniay.

(2) “I will never go to school again.”

Answer : Sanjay said to his mother.

(3) “Please forgive me for my misbehaviour.”

Answer : Amit said to Sanjay.

Word Power Question Answer

Question 1.

Fill in the blanks with the words given in the box:

Confidently, Misbehaviour, queue, Astonished, Rescued

(1) The teacher does not like ________________ in the classroom.

Answer : The teacher does not like misbehaviour in the classroom.

(2) The army _______________ many people affected by flood.

Answer : The army rescued many people affected by flood.

(3) Ritu was _________________ to see the beauty of the place.

Answer : Ritu was astonished to see the beauty of the place.

(4) Ritesh entered _______________ in the room for the interview.

Answer : Ritesh entered confidently in the room for the interview.

(5) There was a long _____________ of vehicles on the road.

Answer : There was a long queue of vehicles on the road.

Question 2.

un-, im-, dis., ir-are added before some words to form their opposites. These are called prefixes. Rewrite the following words with appropriate prefixes:

Answer :


Language Practice Question Answer

Question 1.

Write the negative and interrogative sentences of the given positive sentences. One is done for you:

Answer :

Positive SentenceInterrogative Sentence Negative Sentence
Rita sings well.Does Rita sing well?Rita does not sing well.
The curd is sweet.Is the curd sweet?The curd is not sweet.
They will go to Delhi.Will they go to Delhi?They will not go to Delhi.
He has written a letter.Has he written a letter?He has not written a letter.
These roses are red.Are these roses red?These roses are not red.
Nidhi has a doll.Does Nidhi have a doll?Nidhi does not have a doll.

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