Asleep in The Valley Poem Question Answer | Class 12 WB Board

Asleep in the Valley Question and Answer – West Bengal Board Class 12 (HS) Poem MCQ, SAQ, LAQ Solution Download: “Asleep in the Valley” is written by poet Arthur Rimbaud and is a chapter in WB Board Class 12 English Book “Mindscapes“. The poem describes a peaceful scene of a young soldier lying dead in a green valley, seemingly asleep, surrounded by nature’s beauty, unaware of the tragedy of his death.

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MCQ Solution

1) The soldier was lying

Answer : open mouthed.

2) The colour of the valley is –

Answer : green.

3) “Asleep in The Valley” is a poem on –

Answer : war.

4) The smile of the dead soldier is compared to that of –

Answer : an infant.

5) The soldier described in the poem is –

Answer : very young.

Short Answer Questions Solution

1) What plays the role of pillow of the soldier?

Answer : Ferns serve as the pillow beneath the sleeping soldier’s head.

2) How does the poet bring out the innocence of the soldier in ‘Asleep in the Valley’?

Answer : The poet portrays the innocence of the soldier by likening his smile to that of a gentle infant, devoid of any guile.

3) Where from does the small green valley receive The Sun’s rays?

Answer : The small green valley is bathed in the Sun’s rays streaming down from the mountaintop.

4) Where does the soldier lie stretched?

Answer : The soldier lays outstretched amidst the dense undergrowth of the verdant valley.

5) How does the soldier sleep?

Answer : The soldier lies with his mouth agape, his feet nestled among the flowers, one hand resting on his chest, and he slumbers peacefully.

Long Answer Questions Solution

1) “A soldier, very young, lies open-mouthed,” – Who is the soldier referred to here? Narrate in your own words how the soldier lies in the valley?

Answer : In Arthur Rimbaud’s poem ‘Asleep in the Valley’, the soldier is depicted as a casualty of war, likely a member of the Dutch Colonial Army in 1876.

The soldier lay in the valley, mouth agape, his head resting on a pillow of fern. He slumbered amidst the dense undergrowth, serving as a gentle mattress, while his feet mingled among the flowers. His smiling countenance resembled that of a serene infant. Despite the buzzing insects’ attempts to rouse him, he slept undisturbed under the open sky, basking in the sunlight, with one hand placed over his chest.

2) Justify the Title of the poem Asleep in The Valley.

Answer : The poem was originally titled “Le Dormeur du Val,” which is equivalent to “The Sleeper of the Valley” in English. The English poetry “Asleep in the Valley” makes it rather evident that the sleeper is a young soldier. The soldier, who is shown as plunging into an unending sleep, is killed by two gunshots to the side during a conflict. The poet also depicts a lovely sight, depicting a silver stream that flows through a verdant valley that is dotted with flowers and ferns. The soldier has died and is lying there still, not even conscious of his surroundings. The title is appropriate and evocative because it underscores the emotional contrast between the peaceful landscape and the horror of war.

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