Play Things Question Answer | UP Board | Class 8 Chapter 5 Solution

Play Things – Poem by Rabindranath Tagore – Question Answer: In this Chapter, Question Answer of UP Board Class 8 Chapter 5 Play Things Lesson Exercise Questions Solution is given. Students who are in Class 8, can take benefits of the questions and prepare for their upcoming exam.

play things by rabindranath tagore question answer for exercise solution class 8 up board chapter lesson 5

Comprehension Questions

Question 1.

Answer the following questions:

(a) Where was the child sitting?

Answer : he child sat outdoors amidst the dust.

(b) What is the child playing with?

Answer : The child entertained themselves with a broken twig.

(c) Which activities was the poet busy in?

Answer : The poet was occupied with tallying figures as he managed his accounts.

(d) What has the poet forgotten?

Answer : The poet has lost touch with the joy of immersing himself in the simple pleasures of playing with sticks and making mud pies.

(e) What did the poet struggle to cross?

Answer : The poet grappled with navigating the sea of his desires in his fragile canoe.

(f) What do you understand by the phrase ‘the sea of desire’?

Answer : Each adult man pursues numerous desires, navigating on his fragile boat, striving to fulfill them in the vast, unending sea of wants.

Word Power

Question 1.

Write two rhyming words for the words given below:

(1) dust

Answer : Lust, Must .

(2) hour

Answer : Power, Flower .

(3) think

Answer : Sink, Link .

(4) seek

Answer : Peak, Sleek .

Question 2.

Hockey is a sport which is played with a stick and a ball. Given below are some games, write what they are played with :

Answer :

(1) Cricket – Played with a bat, ball, stumps, bails, and fielders.

(2) Basketball – Played with a hoop and a ball.

(3) Volleyball – Played with a net and a ball.

(4) Soccer – Played with a ball and feet.

(5) Tennis – Played with a racket and a ball.

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