Awesome Assam Question Answer | UP Board Class 8 English Chapter 6 Solution

UP Board Class 8 Chapter 6 English Awesome Assam Text Book Question Answer – Uttar Pradesh State Education Board’s Class 8 English Book Rainbow Lesson 6 English Text Book Exercise Objective, Comprehension, Word Power, Language Practice & Activity Questions & their solution is given in this article.

awesome assam class 8 chapter 6 english book question answer - download pdf solution

Comprehension Question & Answer

Question 1.

Answer the following questions:

(a) Where is Assam situated in India?

Answer : Assam is located in the northeastern region of India.

(b) Name the states which are known as the ‘Seven Sisters’.

Answer : The states known as the “Seven Sisters” are Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura, and Meghalaya.

(c) What is the main occupation of the people of Assam?

Answer : The primary occupation of the people in Assam is agriculture.

(d) Which is the famous wildlife sanctuary of Assam?

Answer : Kaziranga National Park stands as a renowned wildlife sanctuary in Assam.

(e) Name the famous Assamese festival.

Answer : Bihu stands out as the renowned festival of Assam.

Question 2.

Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false statements :

(1) Assam is a land of natural beauty.

Answer : T .

(2) The north eastern states of India are known as the ‘Seven Sisters’.

Answer : T .

(3) You can go by train to see wild animals in the wildlife sanctuary of Assam.

Answer : F .

(4) Bihu is a folk dance of Assam.

Answer : F .

(5) Car races are held in Assam during Bihu festival.

Answer : F .

Word Power

Question 1.

Fill in the blanks with the words given in the box:

Celebrated, Diverse, Occupation, Religions

(1) Agriculture is the main __________ in India.

Answer : Agriculture is the main occupation in India.

(2) People of various ___________ live in India.

Answer : People of various religions live in India.

(3) All the festivals are ___________ with great enthusiasm.

Answer : All the festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm.

(4) Students from __________ background study in our class.

Answer : Students from diverse background study in our class.

Language Practice

Question 1.

Frame suitable questions for the following answers:

(1) Answer : Where do you live? (where you/live)

I live in Allahabad.

(2) Answer : Where does your grandparents live? (where/grandparents/live)

They live in Lucknow.

(3) Answer : What is the name of your brother? (what/name/brother)

His name is George.

(4) Answer : Who is your best friend? (who/best friend)

My best friend is Pooja.

Question 2.

Now complete the sentences with too, too much or too many:

(1) The smell of this flower is strong.

Answer : The smell of this flower is too strong.

(2) Don’t buy this oil. It has fat in it.

Answer : Don’t buy this oil. It has too much fat in it.

(3) I can’t accept this document. It has mistakes.

Answer : I can’t accept this document. It has too many mistakes.

(4) She has friends.

Answer : She has too many friends.


Let’s Discuss and Write

(1) How many people traveled with this ticket?

Answer : 6 .

(2) What is the fare?

Answer : Rs. 6900 .

(3) What is the PNR number of the ticket?

Answer : 213-6036381 .

(4) Where does/do he/they board the train?

Answer : Allahabad Junction .

(5) Where was/were/he/they going?

Answer : Dehradun .

(6) What is the distance between the two stations?

Answer : 863 km .

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