Past, Present, Future Question Answer | Maharashtra Board English Class 7 Chapter 1.1 Solution

Maharashtra Board English Class 7 Balbharati Chapter 1.1 Past, Present, Future Question Answer Download PDF

(2) Link the items in the three columns properly.

The pastA sea beneath a cloudless sunA pleasant time which has ended
The present hourA soft and mild autumn eveningAn exciting, thrilling time which has no end.
The futureA green and flowery spray where a young bird sitsA time, full of life in which you gather strength

Answer :

(i) The past – a soft and mild autumn evening – a pleasant time which has ended.

(ii) The present hour – a green and flowery spray where a young bird sits – a time full of life which you gather strength.

(iii) The future – a sea beneath a cloudless sun – an exciting thrilling which has no end.

(3) Find the meaning of the following words.

Thee –

Answer : It used in poem in the substitute for ‘You’.

Mournfully –

Answer : It is used to express sorrowness.

Spray –

Answer : It means to blow any liquid or gas through air with small drops.

Mighty –

Answer : It means to show strengths or power.

(4) Write the adjectives that are used to describe the following.

Evening –

Answer : Beautiful Evening.

Spray –

Answer : Refreshing Spray.

Sea –

Answer : Blue and Calm Sea.

(5) Write one line about each of the following with the help of the poem.

Wind in the autumn evening:

Answer : The wind is incredibly pleasant on autumn evenings, and the beauty of this season is vividly portrayed in the poem.

Young bird on the spray:

Answer : Young birds delight in the pleasant breeze of autumn mornings as they soar through the sky.

The sea:

Answer : The sea, with its expansive heart and serene demeanor, also savors the beauty of the autumn season.

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