A Battle to Baffle Question Answer | Maharashtra Board English Class 8 Chapter 4.5 Solution

A Battle to Baffle Solution Class 8 English Balbharati Chapter 4.5 Maharashtra Board Question Answer Download PDF

(1) Read the following words and use them in sentences of your own.


Answer : Her artwork gained renown in the local art community.


Answer : She showed defiance by refusing to follow the rules.


Answer : The king exiled the traitor from the kingdom as punishment.


Answer : He faced a predicament when he couldn’t decide between two job offers.


Answer : She felt diffident about speaking in front of a large audience.


Answer : The doctor assured her that the lump was benign and not cancerous.

(2) Read the following phrases and use them in the sentences of your own in proper form.

To voice something

Answer : She finally found the courage to voice her concerns during the meeting.

a tight corner

Answer : The car got stuck in a tight corner of the narrow alley.

 to outwit

Answer : The clever detective managed to outwit the criminal and solve the case.

 to concede defeat

Answer : After multiple failed attempts, he finally had to concede defeat in the video game.

(3) Pick out dialogues of Tenali Raman which prove that he had the following qualities.

Answer :

(a) Wit and wisdom:- ‘Tila – kashta – mahisha – dandana.’

(b) Self-confidence:- D let us begain by discussing the merits of ;Tila – kashta – mahisha – bandhana.

(c) Politeness:- Smiling and bowing.

(d) Humility:- Your words of praise are my greatest reward, your highness.

(4) Answer the following questions in short.

(b) Why did Pundit Shahane visit Vijaynagar?

Answer : Pundit Shahane visited Vijaynagar with the intention of challenging all the pundits in the kingdom.

(c) What do you learn about Pundits of Vijaynagar?

Answer : The pundits of Vijaynagar began to display nervousness and restlessness as their knowledge was challenged.

(d) What punishment did the emperor threaten the Pundits with?

Answer : The punishment that the emperor threatened the pundits with was exile from Vijaynagar.

(e) Why was Tenali Raman summoned to the court?

Answer : Tenali Raman was summoned to the court to find a solution to the predicament.

(f) On what condition did Tenali Raman agree to take up the challenge?

Answer : Tenali Raman agreed to take up the challenge on the condition that when Pundit Shahane arrives tomorrow, everyone, including Tenali Raman, must accept him and honor him as the chief pundit for one day.

(g) Why was Tenali Raman taken to the court in a palanquin?

Answer : Tenali Raman was brought to the court in a palanquin, attempting to impress and challenge Pundit Shahane.

(h) How did Tenali Raman outwit Pundit Shahane?

Answer : Tenali Raman rested his hand on the bundle beside him, twirling his mustache with the other, and began discussing the merits of ’tila-kashata-mashiha-bandhana’. As he engaged in a lively debate, Pundit Shahane, puzzled, moved closer, expressing his lack of familiarity with the topic. Eventually, he raised his hands in surrender, conceding to Tenali Raman’s wit and cunning.

(i) What did the bundle in silken cloth contain?

Answer : Tenali Raman arrives at the court, borne upon a palanquin, accompanied by two pundits carrying a sizable bundle wrapped in silk, which they position beside him.

(j) Explain the significance of the title.

Answer : The title “A Battle to Baffle” signifies a conflict among pundits where the central idea is a war of perplexing actions. “Baffle” implies confusion, suggesting the aim to perplex opponents in this battle and emerge victorious in the end.

(6)Do as directed.

(a) Tenali Raman proved to be wittier than Pundit Shahane.(Rewrite using ‘as witty as.’)

Answer : Pundit shahane proved to be not as witty as Tenali Raman.

(c) How can I discuss its merits? ( Make it Assertive.)

Answer : I cannot discuss its merits.

(d) I have not read that scripture. ( Rewrite using ‘unaware.’)

Answer : I am unaware of that scripture.

(e) Your words of praise are my greatest reward. (Begin the sentence with ‘No other …….)

Answer : No other reward is as great as your words of praise.

(f) I am proud of you. ( Rewrite using the noun form of the underlined word).

Answer : I have pride in you.

(g) The Emperor said, “ But tell me Raman, to what great work did you refer?” (Convert into Indirect Speech).

Answer : The Emperor asked Raman what great work he had referred to.

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