My Own True Family Question Answer – Class 10 English Chapter 4 Solution

WB Board Class 10 English Book My Own True Family Chapter 4 Solution – West Bengal Bengali Medium Board Class 10 English Text Book Chapter 4 My Own True Family Activity Question Answer Solution is given in this page. The answers of My Own True Family has been prepared by experienced teachers and you can use the solutions as a reference. This solution of the My Own True Family Class 10 English Book, will definitely help you in the exam.

My Own True family - Class 10 English - Chapter 4 Solution

Exercise 1 Solution

1. Choose the correct alternative to complete the following sentences:

(a) Creeping in an oak wood, the poet was looking for a

(i) goat

(ii) rhinoceros

(iii) stag

(iv) buffalo

Answer: (iii) stag

(b) Whenever an oak wood tree felled, the number of trees the poet must plant is

(i) two

(ii) three

(iii) four

(iv) five

Answer: (i) two

(c) When the poet came out of the oak wood , his heart was that of a

(i) stag

(ii) tree

(iii) human child

(iv) old women

Answer: (ii) tree

Exercise 2 Solution

2. State whether the following statements are True or False. Provide sentences/ phrases/ words in support of your answer:

(a) The old women held the poet’s secrets in her little bag.

Supporting statement : ___________________________

Answer: True

Supporting statement : I have your secret in my little bag.

(b) The tree tribe said that the poet is bothered to see the chopping down of oak trees.

Supporting statement : ___________________________

Answer: False

Supporting statement : We are chopped down, we are torn up, you do not blink an eye.

(c) The poet never come out of the oak wood.

Supporting statement : ___________________________

Answer: False

Supporting statement : When I came out of the oak wood, back to human company.

Exercise 3 Solution

3. Answer the following questions:

(a) When did the poet come twice awake?

Answer: Twice did the poet awaken when the elderly woman opened her bag.

(b) What would happen to the poet if he failed to make the promise?

Answer: Failing to fulfill the promise would result in the poet’s death.

(c) What was it that altered the poet?

Answer: The poet underwent a transformation due to the aspiration for a genuine family.

Exercise 4 Solution

4. Change the following into indirect speech :

(a) Rahul asked Dipa ,”will you go to school today?”

Answer: Rahul asked Dipa if she would go to school that day.

(b) Rita said to Ayesha ,”please give me a glass of water.”

Answer: Rita requested Ayesha to give her a glass of water.

(c) The old man told the little girl ,”may you be happy!”

Answer: The old man wished that the little girl might be happy.

Exercise 5 Solution

5. Do as directed:

(a) Ranjan said, “Who does not know the name of Rabindranath?” (Change into affirmative sentence)

Answer: Ranjan said, “Everybody knows the name of Rabindranath.”

(b) Sangeeta runs faster than any other girl in her class. (Rewrite using the positive degree of ‘faster’)

Answer: No other girl in the class runs as fast as Sangeeta.

(c) Kaushik blamed her friend for the trouble. (Rewrite using the noun form of ‘blamed’)

Answer: Kaushiki put the blame on her friend for the trouble.

Exercise 6 Solution

6. your school is going to host the Inter-school District Sports Competition. Suppose you are the Secretary of the Sports Club of your school. Write a notice (within 100 words) calling students to participate in the competition. Mention the time, date and venue of the competition. Your notice should be countersigned by the Headmistress/Headmaster of your school.


Salbari High School

Inter-school District Sports Competition

Dear Students,

We are thrilled to announce that our school will be hosting the Inter-school District Sports Competition! This is an exciting opportunity for all our talented athletes to showcase their skills and sportsmanship. Trials will commence from the 25 September at our school sports ground from 11 a.m onward.

We encourage all interested students to participate and represent our school with pride. Whether you excel in track and field, team sports, or individual events, we welcome your enthusiasm and dedication.

Kindly register your name with the Sports Club Secretary. Let’s work together to bring glory to our school.


Cultural Committee
Salbari High School

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