Meeting Barre Miya Question Answer – Class 4 English Chapter 5 Solution

WB Board Class 4 English Chapter 5 Meeting Barre Miya Solution – West Bengal Board Class 5 English Text Book Chapter 5 Question Answer from Meeting Barre Miya Story is provided below. Meeting Barre Miya Class 4 English Lesson 5 Question Answers and study materials will boost your preparation. You can download the Solution of Class 4 English Book Chapter 5 Activity Answers from below in PDF format.

Meeting Barre miya question answer - Class 4 English - Chapter 5 Solution

Activity 1 Solution

Write “T” for true and “F” for false statements in the given boxes :

(a) The Sunderbans is in the north of Bengal.

Answer: F

(b) Subol and Madol had a boat.

Answer: T

(c) It was Subol’s first journey into the deep forest.

Answer: T

(d) The river beyond Basanti is called the Matla.

Answer: F

Activity 2 Solution

“It was his first time and he was very excited.” – How did he feel before they started their journey? Discuss with your partner.

Answer: Before they started their journey, Subol was perhaps both nervous and excited.

He might be excited for a new adventure and nervous for the unknown dangers.

Activity 3 Solution

Complete the following sentences with words from the text:

(i) Barre miya is a ___________ creature.

Answer: strange

(ii) In Sunderbans ___________ live together.

Answer: men and animals

(iii) Subaland Madol were sailing down the ___________.

Answer: Bidya river

(iv) Kamots have ____________.

Answer: sharp teeth

Activity 4 Solution

Complete the following table:

(i) Answer: Subol(i) asked Madol eagerly
(ii) Answer: Barre Miya(ii) can snatch a prey at will
(iii) Answer: Madol(iii) Gave warning to Subol
(iv) The waters of the Bay of Bengal(iv) Answer: mixed with the river

Activity 5 Solution

Arrange the following sentences in the correct order. Put the numbers in the given boxes:

1. There appeared a huge tiger.

Answer: 3

2. They stood like statues.

Answer: 4

3. They carried empty sacks to collect dry wood for fuel.

Answer: 1

4. The tiger ambled away.

Answer: 5

5. The brothers heard a deafening roar.

Answer: 2

Activity 6 Solution

Answer the following questions:

(a) Which trees did Subol and Madol see in the forest?

Answer: Subol and Madol saw Sundari, Hental, and Goran trees.

(b) What did they hear suddenly?

Answer: Suddenly they heard a deafening roar.

(c) Why was the forest dark?

Answer: The forest was dark because the dense trees blocked sunlight.

(d) Why did the tiger amble away?

Answer: The tiger ambled away because the two brothers stood like statues and they kept them cool.

Activity 7(a) Solution

Underline the verbs that show action in the present time:

(a) The girl is singing a song.

Answer: is singing

(b) They are playing football.

Answer: are playing

(c) I am reading a book.

Answer: am reading

(d) They are going to school.

Answer: are going

Activity 7(b) Solution

Underline the verbs that are in the Present continuous tense:

(a) Mita is dancing on the stage.

Answer: is dancing

(b) The child is laughing.

Answer: is laughing

(c) Rita is buying a mask.

Answer: is buying

(d) The man is eating rice.

Answer: is eating

Activity 8(a) Solution

Fill in the blanks with words from the help box:

(a) I had a wonderful __________.

Answer: experience

(b) The two brothers were ___________ to see the tiger.

Answer: afraid

(c) We use petrol and diesel as _________ for our cars.

Answer: fuel

(d) I _________ down by the river bank.

Answer: ambled

Activity 8(b) Solution

Make sentences of your own using the following words:

Extreme : _____________________________

Answer: Extreme : The extreme beauty of the sunset took my breath away.

Silent : _________________________________

Answer: Silent : The forest was so silent that you could hear a pin drop.

Sacks : __________________________________

Answer: Sacks : The farmer stored harvested grain in large sacks in the barn.

Relieved : ________________________________

Answer: Relieved : When the lost child was found, her parents felt incredibly relieved.

Activity 9(a) Solution

Suppose your school has arranged a tour of the Sunderbans. Given below are the names of five items. You can take any three of these. Write five sentences on which three items you will carry with you and why.


I’ll bring water bottles to ensure we have a water supply on our journey since traveling without water is not an option. Additionally, I’ll pack snacks to satiate our hunger effectively during the trip. Finally, a map will be essential as we’re unfamiliar with the location, helping us navigate and find the places we want to visit.

Activity 9(b) Solution

In the text, you have learned that animals are not our enemies. Many people keep animals as pets. Write five sentences on how you would take care of your pet animal if you had one. You can use the hints given below:


If I were to have a pet, I’d place its well-being as a top priority. This entails creating a safe and cozy living space. Ensuring it receives a suitable, well-balanced diet tailored to its nutritional requirements and access to fresh water would be non-negotiable. We’d engage in daily exercise and playtime to keep my pet both physically active and mentally engaged. Regular veterinary check-ups and vaccinations would be on our schedule to uphold its health. Lastly, I’d cherish my pet with affection, filling our days with cuddles and grooming sessions to strengthen our bond.

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