Abdul Becomes a Courtier Question & Answer: Maharashtra Board Class 7 Chapter 2.3 Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 7 English Balbharati Chapter 2.3 Question Answer – Abdul Becomes a Courtier Solution PDF Download

(1) From the play, Find all the words that are related to the following.

Knowledge and learning Fabrics, books, work.

And other related words. You know to the list.

Answer :

Knowledge and learning – Study, Teacher school, University, Students.

Fabrics – velvet, Silk, bro cade, Cloth, Soft.

Books – library, Education, Knowledge, Writer.

Work – Office, Staff, Clients.

(2) (A) Abdul gets what he wants in the end. What is the major factor that contributes to this success?

(1) His learning of books

(2) His intelligence

(3) His attitude

(4) His relations with other people

(5) His luck

Answer : His attitude.

(B) The Emperor says he had realised earlier that Abdul has great talent. Does this tally with his actions? Give your opinion.

Answer : (a) Abdul’s success is primarily attributed to his intelligence.

(b) If the Emperor had realized Abdul’s exceptional talent earlier, he would have appointed him as his courtier much sooner, rather than initially assigning him as a poultry keeper and later as a librarian.

(3) Write a letter from Abdul to the Emperor requesting the Emperor to give Abdul a suitable job.

Answer :


The Emperor

Respected Sir,

With utmost respect, I seek a more fitting role in your court. Having served diligently as a poultry keeper and librarian, I believe my skills can be better utilized. I humbly request consideration for a position that aligns with my abilities. Your wisdom and guidance inspire me, and I am eager to contribute to your reign. With unwavering loyalty, I await your decision.

Thanking you

Your sincerely


(4) Rewrite the play in the form of a short story.

Answer :

(5) Suggest at least one method of creating something useful or beautiful from waste.

Answer :

1) The waste bottles can be used as a container.

2) You can make flowers from sharpened pencil waste.

3) From used newspaper we can make crafts like flower vases, flowers, decorative anything’s, items.

4) You can make pen holder with water card boards.

5) you can Make Basket with Cardboard.

(6) Write how you take care of your books.

Answer :

1) Hold books with clean, dry hands.

2) Keep books in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

3) Stand books upright with space between them.

4) Use covers or jackets to keep books clean.

5) Dust books with a soft cloth or brush.

6) Keep the storage area at a stable temperature.

7) Look for damage like mold or insects.

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