J.C. Bose: A Beautiful Mind Question Answer – Class 7 English Chapter 9 Solution

West Bengal Board Class 7 English Book Chapter 9 JC Bose A Beautiful Mind Solution & Extra Model Activity Question Answers

J.C. Bose: A Beautiful Mind - Class 7 English - Chapter 9 Solution

Activity 1 Solution

Choose the correct answer from the given options:

(a) Jagadish Chandra Bose studied in  – (i) Hindu School (ii) Hare school (iii) Ballygunge  Government School.

Answer: (ii) Hare school

(b) Bose met Father Lafont at – (i) Cambridge (ii) London (iii) St. Xavier’s College

Answer: (iii) St. Xavier’s College

(c) Bose graduated in B.Sc. From – (i) University of Cambridge (ii) University of oxford (iii) University of London

Answer: (iii) University of London

Activity 2 Solution

Fill in the chart with information from the text :

Answer: 1858J.C Bose was born
1869Answer: Bose joined Hare School
Answer: 1881Joined St. Xavier’s College
1884Answer: He received Natural Science Tripos
Answer: 1885Joined Presidency
Answer: 1895Demonstration at Town Hall

Activity 3 Solution

Complete the following statements with information from the text:

(a) Bose’s father used to work as _________________________________

Answer: Deputy Magistrate.

(b) ____________________________________ was the leader of the Brahmo Samaj

Answer: Jagadish Chandra’s father, Bhagwan Chandra Bose

(c) In his school days Bose’s playmates were _______________________________

Answer: a Muslim boy and the son of a fisherman

(d) Bose went to England to ____________________________________________

Answer: study Natural science.

Activity 4 Solution

Answer the following questions:

(a) Why did Jagadish Bose receive his early education in a Vernacular school ?

Answer: His father believed that one must know one’s mother-tongue before learning any other vernacular.

(b) What did Bose’s mother when he brought his friends home  from school ?

Answer: When Bose brought his friend home from school, his mother welcomed, and fed all of them with discrimination.

(c) Who was Lafont? How did he influence Bose?

Answer: Lafont was Jesuit Father. He played a significant role in developing Bose’s interest in science.

(d) Why did Bose refuse to accept his salary?

Answer: Bose refused to accept his salary as a sign of protest.

Activity 5 Solution

Match the single words their expended forms:

Single word formExpanded forms
AstronomyA place where books are kept
LibraryA garden of many fruit trees
GarageA person who handles cash
PsychologyStudy of stars and planets
OrchardStudy of human mind
CashierA place to keep cars
Single word formExpanded forms
AstronomyAnswer: Study of stars and planets
LibraryAnswer: A place where books are kept
GarageAnswer: A place to keep cars
PsychologyAnswer: Study of human mind
OrchardAnswer: A garden of many fruit trees
CashierAnswer: A person who handles cash

Activity 6 Solution

Identity which of the following statements are True and which are False. Give a supporting statements for your answer:

(a) Crescograph was invented by Marconi.

Answer: False

Supporting Statement: Bose had invented several sensitive instruments. One of them is Crescograph.

(b) Marconi got the patency right for wireless telegraphy.

Answer: True

Supporting Statement: Marconi who got the patent for the invention of wireless telegraphy.

(c) Bose was awarded Knighthood in 1919.

Answer: False

Supporting Statement: he was awarded Knighthood by the British government in 1917.

(d) No other Bengali writer had written science fiction before J.C. Bose.

Answer: True

Supporting Statement: In fact, he was the first writer of science fictions in Bangla.

Activity 7 Solution

Complete the following statements :

(a) Crescograph is used to ______________

Answer: measure the growth rate plant.

(b) Bose proved that plants are _________

Answer: sensitive to heat, light noise and other external stimuli just stimuli like humans.

(c) In 1917 Bose founded ______________

Answer: the ‘Bose Institute.’

(d) Bose institute was founded in _________

Answer: Calcutta at his own house.

Activity 8 Solution

Answer the following questions:

(a) ‘Bose had invented several sensitive instrument’. Name a ‘sensitive instrument’ invented by J.C. Bose. What is its use?

Answer: One of his sensitive instrument is Crescograph. It is used to measure the growth rate of plants.

(b) What did Bose prove by his experiments on plants?

Answer: Bose proved that plants are sensitive to heat, cold, light, noise, just like humans.

(c) Do you think Bose was uninterested about securing patency right ? Why?

Answer: Yes, he was uninterested in securing patency right.

His intention was to make his inventions public to allow others to advance further along the lines of his research.

(d) What were the various awards and honours conferred on Bose ?

Answer: He was conferred many awards like ‘Knighthood’, ‘Fellow of the Royal Society’, ‘Companion of the Order of the Indian Empire’.

(e) Name some of his books and publications.

Answer: Some of Bose’s famous are – ‘Respose in living and Non-living’, ‘The Nervous Mechanism of plants’, ‘Major Mechanisn of plants’ and ‘Niruddesher khoje’.

Activity 9 Solution

Read the following passage and underline the adverbs. An example is given:


Shanti is a young girl. She lives in a remote village with her family. Her school is five miles away from there. But Shanti attends the school daily. She stood third in her class in the previous examination. She believes that she can do better. She is now concentrating on her studies more seriously. Shanti never behaves rudely with her classmates. So they like her. She follows her teachers attentively in the class. Therefore, the teachers really like her. They often enquire whether she is facing any problem. Why do many teachers think that Shanti is the best girl in the class? It is because Shanti has faced challenges of life bravely.

Activity 10 Solution

Now put the underlined adverbs from the above passage in the chart according to their functions. One is done for you:

Thereindicates the place where the action happens
Answer: dailyindicates how often something happens
Answer: indicates why the action is performed
Answer: indicates how or in what manner the action is performed
Answer: used to ask a question

Activity 11 Solution

Transform the degree of adjectives of the following sentences as directed:

(a) plants are as sensitive as animals. ( change into comparative degree)

Answer: Animals are not more sensitive than Plants.

(b) Simla is cooler than Kolkata. (change into positive degree)

Answer: Kolkata is not as cool as Simla.

(c) Umesh Yadav is the fastest bowler in the Indian cricket team. (change into comparative degree)

Answer: Umesh Yadav is faster than any other bowler in the Indian cricket team.

(d) Ishant Sharma is taller than any other Indian cricketer. ( change into superlative degree)

Answer: Ishant Sharma is the tallest Indian cricketer.

(e) Mt. Everest is the highest mountain in the world. (change into positive degree)

Answer: No other mountain in the world is as high as Mt. Everest.

Activity 12 Solution

In this lesson you have read the biography of a great Indian scientist. Now write a biography (in about seventy words) of prafulla Chandra Roy, who was another great Indian scientist. You can use the following hints:


Born in 1861 in Khulna, now in Bangladesh, Prafulla Chandra Roy was a renowned Indian scientist. His educational journey began in a village pathshala and led him to institutions like Hare School and Albert School. In 1879, he passed the Entrance examination and went on to earn his F.A. from Metropolitan College in 1882. His academic excellence earned him the Gilchrist scholarship in the same year, allowing him to study in London. Prafulla Chandra Roy completed his B.Sc. at Edinburgh University from 1882 to 1884 and later earned his D.Sc. from the same institution.

Returning to India, he became a professor at Presidency College in 1889. His pioneering work in the laboratory led to the first preparation of Mercurous Nitrite in 1896. In 1901, he established Bengal Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals, making significant contributions to the chemical industry in India. He also served as the Palit Professor at Science College. Prafulla Chandra Roy passed away in 1944, leaving behind a lasting legacy in Indian science and industry.

Activity 13 Solution

You have come to know that the local postman has delivered your letter to your neighbour’s house by mistake. write a letter to the post office with a request to return the letter to you.


Jalpaiguri road

The Postmaster
Pradhan Nagar,

Subject: Request for Retrieval of Wrongly Delivered Letter

Dear Sir / Madam,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to bring to your attention a small issue concerning a recent postal delivery. It has come to my notice that the local postman inadvertently delivered one of my letters to my neighbour’s house instead of mine.

I kindly request your assistance in retrieving this letter and having it redirected to my correct address.

I understand that errors can occur, and I am grateful for your assistance in resolving this matter.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter, and I look forward to the safe retrieval and delivery of my letter.

Yours sincerely,

Rama Dutta.

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