All About A Dog Question Answer – Class 9 English Chapter 2 Solution

West Bengal Board Class 9 English Book Chapter 2 Solution – WB Board Solution Class 9 English All About a Dog Question Answer & Exercise Solution. All About a Dog is a story from English Text Book of Class 9. The Solution of the activity questions from Chapter 2 has been given below. These question answers have been prepared by our experienced teachers for West Bengal Board students of Class 9.

All about a dog - Class 9 English - Chapter 2 Solution

Exercise 1 Solution

Tick the correct answer from the given alternatives:

1. The younger women carried little

(a) spaniel

(b) bull dog

(c) Pekinese dog

(d) Spitz

Answer: (c) Pekinese dog

2. The younger women was suffering from

(a) stomach pain

(b) back pain

(c) fever

(d) cough

Answer: (d) cough

3. The bell was pulled by the

(a) conductor

(b) driver

(c) younger women

(d) older women

Answer: (a) conductor

4. The number of policemen to whom the women expressed her anger was

(a) Three

(b) four

(c) five

(d) six

Answer: (a) Three

5. The problem the bus faced was with the

(a) Tyre

(b) engine

(c) brake

(d) horn

Answer: (b) engine

Exercise 2 Solution

Answer the following questions within fifteen words:

(1) how many people got into the with the young women?

Answer: A man, a woman, and a young woman with a tiny Pekinese dog boarded the bus.

(2) What was the conductor into the bus with younger women ?

Answer: The conductor told the young woman to remove her dog from the bus.

(3) Why did the conductor stand triumphant?

Answer: The bus conductor felt victorious because he had the law supporting his actions.

(4) What is that which cannot be broken without danger life and limb?

Answer: Breaking road rules can lead to life-threatening risks and bodily harm, so they must not be disobeyed.

Exercise 3 Solution

Answer the following question within twenty-five words:

(1) When dist eh author feel that trouble was coming up?

Answer: While on a bus, the author witnessed a young lady bring a dog, breaking the law. As the conductor noticed, trouble loomed.

(2) Mention two demands made by passenger when the bus stopped.

Answer: At the bus stop, passengers insisted on refunds and wished to report the conductor to the police.

(3) How are rules guidance to be observed ?

Answer: To follow guidance rules properly, they should be observed without causing discomfort to passengers, in their true spirit.

Exercise 4 Solution

In the following sentences, underline the verb forms which show that the person denoted by the subject does something. Circle the verb forms which show that something is done to the subject:

(a) She has sung a song.

Answer: has sung

(b) A song has been sung by her.

Answer: has been sung

(c) He will draw a picture.

Answer: will draw

(d) A picture will be drawn by him.

Answer: will be drawn

Exercise 5 Solution

Change the voice of the following sentences :

(a) Nila has bought a book.

Answer: A book has been bought by Nila.

(b) They will have seen the cricket match.

Answer: The cricket match will have been seen by them.

(c) Bhola had seen a tiger.

Answer: A tiger had been seen by Bhola.

(d) The burse will attend the patient.

Answer: The patient will be attended by the nurse.

Exercise 6 Solution

Change the voice of the following sentences:

(a) Do the sum.

Answer: Let the sum be done.

(b) The poem was written by her.

Answer: She wrote the poem.

(c) Open the door.

Answer: Let the door be opened.

(d) The man is known to me.

Answer: I know the man.

Exercise 7 Solution

Change the voice of the following sentences:

(a) They agreed to my plan.

Answer: My plan was agreed to by them.

(b) My brother lost my favorite pen.

Answer: My favorite pen was lost by my brother.

(c) The man is writing a letter.

Answer: A letter is being written by the man.

(d) Titli is looking for her watch.

Answer: Her watch is being looked for by Titli.

Exercise 8 Solution

Tick the correct alternative given in the brackets:

(a) It (rains/ has been raining / is raining) since morning.

Answer: has been raining

(b) Last Sunday I (went / had been going/ go) to the zoo.

Answer: went

(c) I (will be / was / am) in class X next year.

Answer: will be

(d) Rina ( have reached / had reached / has reached) home just now.

Answer: has reached

Exercise 9 Solution

Use the following flow chart to write a paragraph within 100 words on how to prepare orange juice:


Making Orange Juice Processing

To prepare delicious orange juice, start by purchasing fresh oranges from the market. Carefully sort through them, removing any rotten ones to ensure the highest quality. Next, thoroughly clean the oranges to remove any dirt or residue. Once they’re clean, peel the oranges to access the juicy goodness inside. Place the peeled oranges into a juicer to extract their refreshing juice. To enhance the flavour, add a bit of sugar and some preservatives as desired. Finally, pour the freshly squeezed orange juice into bottles, seal them securely, and your homemade orange juice is ready to be enjoyed or sold to others who will enjoy its sweet and tangy taste.

Exercise 10 Solution

Write a paragraph within 100 words on how you plan to take care of street dogs. Use the following hints:


Caring for Street Dogs

Cruel actions towards street dogs are a distressing issue, and it is our responsibility to address their difficult situation. Taking care of street dogs necessitates a compassionate approach. Firstly, establishing feeding stations with fresh water and food can ensure their sustenance. Regular veterinary check-ups and vaccinations are essential to maintain their health. Creating shelter spaces or encouraging adoption can offer them a safer environment. Moreover, educational programs can raise awareness about responsible pet ownership and compassion towards strays. In conclusion, by fostering a culture of empathy and implementing practical measures, we can significantly improve the lives of street dogs, ensuring they receive the care and kindness they deserve.

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