The Vet Poem Question Answer | Maharashtra Board Class 8 Chapter 4.1 Solution English

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the vet solutions download poem question answer download pdf maharashtra board class 8 english chapter 4.1 solutions

The Vet poem is written by Guy Boas. The poem talks about how much vets need to know about a lot of different species in order to understand and treat all the different problems that pets and exotic animals in zoos can have. Boas shows how complicated veterinary medicine can be through funny and clever lines that focus on the unique and often funny illnesses that animals can have. In the end, the poem makes a fun but serious point about how hard and complicated veterinary work is, implying that it might be harder to work as a vet than as a doctor.

(1) What is the Rhyme scheme of stanzas 1 to 3 and the last two stanzas? How does it differ in the remaining stanzas 4 to 7?

Answer : Stanzas 1 to 3 – abab

Stanzas 4 to 7 – aabccb

Stanzas 1 to 3 only four lines

Where as in 4 to 7 has 6 lines.

(2) Write any five illnesses of the animals in the poem, that you find most amusing / laughable.

Answer :

(a) The panther has wife who chews his ears.

(b) The centipede has trouble with his feet.

(c) Monkey’s pinched his tail.

(d) The lion has caught a cold.

(e) The bear’s too full of buns.

(3) (A) Out of all names of birds and animals given in the poem, pick out 4 names that are similar in English as well as in Hindi / Marathi or your Mother tongue.

Answer : Chimpanzees, Zebra, Hippo, Cobra, Giraffe, Bear, Kangaroo.

(B) Write four reasons why animals in a zoo suffer more than those who live free in the wild.

Answer :

(i) Zoo animals are restricted to confined spaces, unable to roam freely like their counterparts in the forest.

(ii) Zoo animals suffer within their confines.

(iii) In the zoo, they are not provided with sufficient food for their survival.

(iv) Zoo animals endure teasing from zoo visitors.

(4) Think deeply and write. Is the poet really discouraging the youth from becoming vets? Explain your response.

Answer : No, I don’t believe the poet is actually dissuading young people from pursuing a career as a veterinarian. Instead, the poet aims to convey the profound importance of veterinary work in caring for animals and birds, who cannot verbally express their illnesses and issues. The poet underscores the nobility of the veterinary profession.

(5) Find out from a vet or from a website, what precaution a vet has to take, when he / she is called to treat wild, dangerous animals? Make point-wise notes of the same.

Answer :

(i) Remain vigilant at all times.

(ii) Approach the animals slowly and cautiously.

(iii) Wear personal protective equipment such as gloves, masks, helmets, etc.

(iv) Understanding animal behavior is important.

(v) Control animal ownership.

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