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The Proposal Solution for Long Questions Answers, MCQ PDF – Download The Proposal Play English Text Book Class 12 Extra Question with Answer.

the proposal by anton chekhov play mcq and long broad questions answer class 12 wb board

The Proposal is an English Play which is written by Anton Chekhov. WBCHSE Board Class 12 Question Answer along with the Solution for the upcoming Exam is available in this page.

MCQ Question Answer

1) The point of argument between Natalya and Lomov is –

Answer : Oxen Meadows .

2) The format of the play ‘The Proposal’ is –

Answer : one-act play .

3) How old was Natalya ?

Answer : 25 .

4) Lomov bought Guess from Mironov for –

Answer : 125 roubles .

5) Seeing Lomov in dress jacket, Chubukov thought he was going to attend a –

Answer : New Year’s Eve party .

Long Questions & Answers

1) Why are you formal in your get up.” – Who is the speaker? Who is being spoken to? What leads the speaker to make this comment?

Answer : Chubukov, a landowner, serves as the speaker in Anton Chekhov’s “The Proposal.”

Lomov, a neighbour of Chubukov, is being spoken to.

Chubukov was taken aback by Lomov’s attire. Lomov wore a dress jacket, gloves, and other finery as if he were attending a celebration. Considering that Lomov was just a neighbor, it was unusual for him to visit dressed so extravagantly without a specific occasion. Hence, Chubukov expressed his surprise with great amazement.

2) Describe the character of Natalya.

Answer : The 25-year-old landowner Chubukov’s daughter, Natalya, is a young, lovely woman. She is capable of doing domestic and agricultural chores with ease, and Lomov appreciates her education. Thus, he chooses to ask her to marry him. Natalya is quite worried about her family’s assets and reputation, though. Lomov asks to be the owner of Oxen Meadows, and Natalya argues angrily with him, starting a heated argument.

Even though Natalya is adamant about not accepting Lomov as spouse, she has a change of heart when she finds out that he intends to pop the question. Property issues are set aside in this case because Natalya knows full well that they will inherit the property as heirs. In the end, Natalya weds Lomov and seems to be truly happy and pleased.

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