Swadesh Question Answer – Class 4 English Chapter 6 Solution

WB Board Class 4 English Chapter 6 Swadesh Solution – West Bengal Bengali Medium Board Class 4 English Text Book Chapter 6 Question Answer. WB Board of Primary Education (WBBPE) English Class 4 Book Lesson 6 Activity Questions can be downloaded from the article given below.

Swadesh question answer - Class 4 English - Chapter 6 Solution

Activity 1 Solution

Complete the following sentences with words from the text:

(a) It was a ___________ in a railway station.

Answer: busy morning

(b) A young boy in ___________ entered the platform.

Answer: soiled clothes

(c) The eyes of the young boy were _______________.

Answer: glowing like fire

(d) A Calcutta-bound train was _______________.

Answer: coming to platform no 2

Activity 2 Solution

“He recalled the incidents of the previous evening.”
What are the things that you think he recalled? Discuss with your partner and make a list of those.

Answer: I think the incidents he recalled of the previous evening were – his brother’s entering his study room in a hurry, his brother being chased by the British police but to deliver some secret papers to Mr. Basu, their leader, Swadesh’s taking the risk to deliver the secret documents to Mr. Basu instead of his brother.

Activity 3 Solution

Write ‘T ‘for true and ‘F’ for false statements in the given boxes:

(a) Yesterday evening Swadesh was studying in his room.

Answer: T

(b) Swadesh’s elder brother was deeply involved in the freedom movement.

Answer: T

(c) He loved Swadesh dearly.

Answer: T

(d) The bag contained some unimportant documents.

Answer: F

Activity 4 Solution

Match column A with column B:


(a) Swades(iv) wanted to do something for his motherland
(b) the elder brother’s voice(iii) trembled with emotion
(c) the elder brother entered the room(ii) in a hurry
(d) the British police(i) were chasing the elder brother

Activity 5 Solution

Answer the following questions:

(a) How was Swadesh brought back to the present?

Answer: Swadesh was brought back to the present when the train suddenly stopped with a jerk.

(b) Who were walking down the platform?

Answer: Some policemen were walking down the platform.

(c) How did Swadesh escape from the train compartment?

Answer: Swadesh escaped from the train compartment jumping out of the window with a broken grille and falling on a bush.

(d) Why did he continue to run?

Answer: Swadesh (he) continued to run because he had a long way to go to deliver Some secret papers to their leader, Mr. Basu.

Activity 6 Solution

Arrange the following sentences in the correct order. Put the numbers in the given boxes:

1. The train stopped suddenly.

Answer: 2

2. They wanted to search everyone.

Answer: 4

3. There was a young boy in the train.

Answer: 1

4. Swadesh jumped out of the window and escaped.

Answer: 5

5. Some policemen ran towards his compartment.

Answer: 3

Activity 7(a) Solution

Read the following sentences. Circle the verbs. Underline those words which add to the meaning of the verbs:

(a) “He is now in Calcutta,” the elder brother said breathlessly.

Answer: “He is now in Calcutta,” the elder brother said breathlessly.

(b) Quickly he found a window with a broken grille.

Answer: Quickly he found a window with a broken grille.

(c) He was also deeply involved in the freedom movement.

Answer: He was also deeply involved in the freedom movement.

(d) Suddenly the train stopped with a jerk.

Answer: Suddenly the train stopped with a jerk.

Activity 7(b) Solution

Underline the adverbs in the following sentences:

(a) Suddenly the boy went out of the class.

Answer: Suddenly

(b) Mother spoke to her son angrily.

Answer: angrily

(c) The girl was slowly doing her work.

Answer: slowly

(d) We should always cross the road carefully.

Answer: always, carefully.

Activity 8(a) Solution

Fill in the blanks with words from the help box:

(a) The way up the hill was ___________.

Answer: uneven

(b) My friend shares her ____________ with me.

Answer: secret

(c) The eyes of the cat were ___________ in the dark.

Answer: glowing

(d) I found a football behind a _________.

Answer: bush.

Activity 8(b) Solution

Complete the following table:

Masculine GenderFeminine Gender
1. Son1. Answer: Daughter
2. Answer: Boy2. Girl
3. Uncle3. Answer: Aunt
4. Answer: Drone4. Bee

Activity 9(a) Solution

Many great freedom fighters have fought for India’s independence. Can you name any of them? Write five sentences about him/her. Use the following hints:


Mahatma Gandhi

One of India’s prominent freedom fighters was Mahatma Gandhi. He was born in Porbandar, Gujarat. Gandhi’s notable work was his leadership in the Indian independence movement through non-violent civil disobedience. He played a pivotal role in inspiring mass protests and boycotts against British colonial rule. His philosophy of Ahimsa, or non-violence, became a cornerstone of India’s struggle for freedom. Mahatma Gandhi is celebrated worldwide for his dedication to justice, peace, and freedom.

Activity 9(b) Solution

Suppose you have faced a difficult situation on the road while going to school. In five sentences describe the situation and also how you came out of it. Use the following hints:


I once encountered a challenging situation on my way to school when my bicycle had a flat tire, leaving me stranded on a busy road. I felt anxious and frustrated as I had to reach school on time for an important exam. I decided to remain calm and assessed the situation, realizing that I had a spare tire and some basic tools with me. With the help of a few passing motorists, I managed to change the flat tire swiftly. I made it to school just in time for the exam, relieved and proud of my ability to handle the unexpected challenge.

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